5 heroes rarely used in Mobile Legends

With the meta that often dominates the course of matches in Mobile Legends, of course we often see heroes that appear again and again. Heroes who often appear in matches because they are effective are said to be meta heroes. This time there are 5 heroes rarely used in Mobile Legends that have high potential for you to use

Not that the non-meta heroes in Mobile Legends are bad. Even some of these heroes are said to be heroessleeper, or a strong hero that is underestimated. Surely these heroes benefit because the enemy is not so afraid of fighting them.

Even though Non-meta heroes are not widely used, they still have great potential to fight other heroes. So, don’t underestimate this hero and think because it’s not widely used makes him a bad hero.

Many heroes are rarely used when playing. You can see the list of heroes below:

  1. Lolita
  2. Kadita
  3. Thamuz
  4. Minsitthar
  5. Angela

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. Although rarely used, this existing hero has strong skills too.

Here we will provide 5 non-meta heroes who are not popular but have strong potential. These heroes are even strong enough and can be an additional plan when other strong heroes get banned.

Hero Non-meta – LOLITA

5 Heroes Rarely Used

If we talk about role tanks in high ranks, of course most will think about Grock, Atlas, Khufra, or Uranus. Indeed, all of these Non-meta heroes are very strong and very effective in good teams, but Lolita is a hero that is underestimated. Lolita is rarely picked because she needs a solid team. He needs a team that can communicate well.

Hero Non-meta – KADITA

5 Heroes Rarely Used

Kadita is a Hero Non-meta mage who can fill support roles as well. This is actually very strong and quite interesting in this meta. With so many tanker initiator heroes currently popular, Kadita benefits from being able to launch powerful combos. Heroes like Atlas and Silvanna are strong heroes with Kadita.


In a role fighter, it is rather difficult to decide who is the best hero because there are so many competent heroes who go into a broad strategy. Thamuz is a Non-meta Hero who is a little strange because even though he is good and has a good skillset, he is not picked up as often as the others. Thamuz can be played as a DPS fighter and this made it quite difficult for the team because fighter sustain was more popular.


Minsitthar is also a Non-meta Hero who is almost similar to Thamuz because he competes with many strong fighters in Mobile Legends. Minsitthar is indeed a hero too niche and a little difficult to use. He is very strong with a team that is able to provide followup who can lift the team. Even though his ulti looks strong, it is not very effective against meta heroes.


Best Combo Hero Mobile Legends 2019!

The current meta support heroes do have a lot of choices, but all have the same thing, namely high impact. Heroes like Diggie and Carmilla are very strong contenders thanks to their existence. Unfortunately Angela is not so, because she is only effective inside counter-inititiate and also roughly made the 4v5 team. But he is very strong when combined with a meta front line

Those are 5 heroes that are rarely used but have high potential in Mobile Legends. Hero off-meta it is often underestimated but very deadly in the right hands.

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