Yu Zhong and Nerf Advanced Server Mobile Legends, instead of Chong ML!

Previously, Moonton had released a new hero named Chong on the Mobile Legends server. The hero is very OP and strong, even being the talk this time. How not, Chong is able to turn into a dragon and has the ability with 3 modes. Of course he is eagerly awaited by his presence on the Original Server. Well, this time there is news about Yu Zhong and Nerf Advanced Server Mobile Legends 2020

As we know, in the latest Mobile Legends update, Moonton has started to make changes to the name, and the skills that can be said to be nerfed in the update.

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Chong Changes Name to Yu Zhong

In Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.74 which was released some time ago, Monton changed the name of the hero Chong to Yu Zhong as well as some changes to the skill set.

Changing the name Chong was based on the existence of a Mobile Leegnds player who committed a violation, then, Chong was also an easter egg from the designers.

Several changes occurred starting with the ultimate Chong skill which had a knock back effect on nearby enemies.

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In addition, some of the Crowd Control effects were also removed, so that it only provided movement speed and immune, there was only turret damage.

This change seems quite balanced, the reason is, if not, then Chong will be very OP and rarely played if it is officially released later.

In addition, in his passive skill, Moonton eliminates the vamp spell when he uses Eruption. The HP regeneration effect that you can get on your opponent also changes.

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Most recently, Yu Zhong will only get Regen HP when the skill lasts. So Yu Zhong can only get bonus HP when his passive skill is active.

Didn’t Get HP Regen

Not only that, now Yu Zhong can’t get HP regen when his enemy dies with passive skills. Whereas in the second skill Soul Grip, Moonton eliminates the effect of attracting the opponent’s hero with this skill.

In his second skill, Yu Zhong will only increase the knock back effect then Yu Zhong can jump like Wanwan with his passive skill.

From this latest update, the most unfortunate thing is the Dragon hero mode. Because when in dragon mode, Yu Zhong becomes invincible, besides being able to disrupt the opponent’s formation, this one hero is also easy to target enemies from behind.

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But it is very natural if Moonton gives some nerf to this one mobile legends hero. If not, so Yu Zhong can’t be used due to frequent bans on this one hero.

Hopefully, with this change, Yu Zhong will have enough balance with other heroes, so that it doesn’t damage the current meta heroes.

In the upcoming update, there is a big possibility that there will be another change in this Fighter Yu Zhong hero, be it in damage, changes in character, to skill sets that might change in the future.

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