You can get two sets of Outfit Warriors of Silk with a special offer at PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its serious military style and complicated gameplay. Even so, as a game, PUBG Mobile still provides entertainment in the form of cosmetics. The latest in this game are two sets of the Warriors of Silk outfit that are present at PUBG Mobile with special offers and complete information.

As a popular game that has millions of active players spread throughout the world, PUBG Mobile provides various things in the game. The size of this game player community shows that the players come from different backgrounds. Across ages and across genders.

To accommodate the size of the community, PUBG Mobile provides a variety of cosmetics from various themes. Including what we will discuss in this article, namely the two newest sets of the Warriors of Silk outfit.

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Two sets of Outfit Warriors of Silk

PUBG Mobile has entered the New Era some time ago, Various missions with attractive offers are now present. Coupled with the collaboration with Blackpink which is a big girl group from South Korea. Now when we log in to PUBG Mobile, from the lobby, we will find shades of pink and black in the style of Blackpink.

In line with that, PUBG Mobile is also in Season 15 at the moment. With the theme Beyond ACE, a variety of cosmetics, from set outfits to typical Beyond ACE weapon skins, are here. Various daily and weekly missions to get exciting rewards from the Royale Pass Season 15.

It’s not quite there yet, PUBG Mobile also presents another new set of outfits. And most recently are two sets of the Warriors of Silk outfit. Yes, two sets of outfits were presented this time, namely the Gold and Silk outfit sets.

These two sets of outfits have the theme of Chinese culture. You will see Barongsai accessories in this Warriors of Silk cosmetic collection. The main thing is, of course, the Gold and Silk outfit sets which appear to make the character stylish.

To get these two sets of Gold and Silk Warriors of Silk outfits, you only need to pay 60 UC for the first draw. Of course this is an attractive offer that you must get.

More than that, you will also get access to other interesting content. For example, the Feudal Enlargement outfit set, the Barongsai motorbike skin, to the Sekigahara Warlord M762 weapon skin. Everything has the theme of Chinese culture.

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That’s info about the two newest Warriors of Silk outfit sets that are already available in the game. Get the two sets of outfits above and make your character look stylish. Thank you!

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