Will Pyschoo go to GH RRQ Hoshi Mobile Legends?

Pyschoo is a pro player for mobile legends who this time is rumored to be transferring to RRQ Hoshi. There are many rumors that he will become the next RRQ hoshi player to fill the backup role of the team that won MPL season 6.

Previously, this was revealed accidentally by RRQ’s wizzking conversation with Bram on his nimo’s livestream. My own esports has discussed it on our Instagram.

Where Wizzking, who was talking to Bram, asked when he would shoot, but at that time, Bram said he was leaving with the camera still on. “The firm won’t come yet,” said Bram.

Teguh is the real name of onic.pyschoo which is the strongest candidate as RRQ hoshi’s new roster.

Psychoo itself has long been leaked to join RRQ Hoshi, and even in several events, Psychoo has mentioned that besides ONIC Esports, he also wants to join RRQ Hoshi.

Teguh Iman Firdaus or who is often called Psychoo before was part of ONIC Esports, but unfortunately, Psychoo never appeared in the MPL ID Season 6 tournament and made it not very well known.

Well, this time on the livestream of Nimo from pro player mobile legends RRQ.R7, a camera caught someone who appeared strongly suspected that he was a Pyschoo who had shot together.

It can be seen in the photo footage that it looks like a firm aka onic pyschoo who was present at GH RRQ hoshi.

If in the video you will see at 1.58 seconds where you see a person holding a jacket.

Psychoo has long been rumored to be leaving ONIC Esports and has been linked with joining RRQ Hoshi. Of course there is quite a lot of strong evidence that Psychoo will indeed become a figure in the rumors as RRQ Hoshi’s new player.

Of course we, as fans of RRQ Hoshi, just wait for the inauguration date of Official RRQ regarding Psychoo which will be their new roster. But the big question is, will Psychoo become the main or backup roster?

What we know, Psychoo itself was not the main roster in ONIC Esports before and of course, there are no big changes to RRQ Hoshi’s roster after MPL ID Season 6. This is also very interesting for us to wait for later.

So what do you think? Do you agree that Psychoo will be part of the RRQ Hoshi team in the upcoming Mobile Legends tournaments? Of course, just waiting for the official announcement.

Let’s just wait for the continuation of the transfer news on RRQ Hoshi’s side which states that this is a pychoo that has moved to RRQ Hoshi. Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram!

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