Wild Rift’s 5 Best Duelist Champions

Wild Rift’s 5 best duelists. Wild Rift which is based on League of Legends borrows a lot of assets to use. Indeed, this is natural because Wild Rift itself is the official port of League of Legends for the mobile version. Of course Wild Rift offers a myriad of mechanisms and interesting things in it.

By borrowing tons of assets from League of Legends, Wild Rift also has similar champions and mechanisms. The roles and advantages of these champions are no exception. This time we will discuss one of the advantages of a champion, namely as a duelist.

Duelist itself is a champions term which will have an advantage when it is 1v1. Duelists don’t always fill the Baron lane because even some duelists can also fill the midlane and jungle. So even though Baron lane is usually centered as 1v1, duelists don’t always fill this lane.

Some of the duelists in the Wild Rift are even at high tiers. Although roughly speaking there is no tier list for Wild Rift, you can see the LoL tier list as a reference. You can see the champ list here;

  1. Fiora
  2. Yasuo
  3. Zed
  4. Nasus
  5. Vayne

Esportsku summarized the champions here during the closed beta of Wild Rift and indeed they proved to be very strong. It could be your main choice when playing later.

Here, let’s discuss more about the points above about the 5 best Wild Rift duelists that you can use. These champions are very strong and very tough. If you want to be strong 1v1 use these champions!


Fiora is probably the strongest duelist currently in the Wild Rift. Himself has an unreasonably high damage and can still be increased by attacking weak point his opponent thanks to his passive and ultimate. Fiora is also quite agile thanks to S1 being able to constantly dash. If you win the duel with the ultimate Fiora will get a heal.


Yasuo is a terrible bully lane. In the laning phase either at Baron or mid, Yasuo is very difficult to kill and he will continue to exert pressure. What makes Yasuo strong is that he has a complete skillset. Has dash, burst, combo, finisher, and also anti-range deflect!


Zed is a hero assassin who usually occupies the mid. This hero is very strong thanks to his mobility which is probably the highest and most consistent at this time. Not only is the mobility strong for kiting, Zed’s damage is also absurd. Playing 1v1 against Zed is a nightmare if you can’t count him.


Nasus is a champions sustain bully on Baron lane. He had very high damage and hard sustain that was hard to resist, perfect for a duelist. But unfortunately Nasus is a hero who needs good scaling and early games. If in the early game difficulties, Nasus is not so strong as a duelist and swerves to become a tanker.


Actually, apart from Vayne, there are other marksman who can be used as a duelist like Ezreal, but Vayne is different. Vayne has good mobility, ulti selfbuff, high lethal damage, and also a skillset that is advantageous when dueling in a narrow place such as a lane or jungle. Vayne also sometimes even fills Baron lane.

You can use the 5 best Wild Rift duelists as champions that you can rely on. Of course, it is very strong and effective to use if played correctly.

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