Why Should Download Garena Free Fire (FF)?

Talking about the battle royale game, which game do you like the most? There are many types of battle royale games such as Free Fire, PUBG, Call Of Duty and others. Now you can feel the sensation of playing the battle royale game using only a smartphone. Previously, this type of game could only be played on a PC, but due to increasingly sophisticated technological developments it could be made easier. Why do you have to download the Garena Free Fire (FF) game?

On this occasion I will discuss about the most popular online game in Indonesia today, namely Free Fire. This type of game was published by Garena in early 2018. This online game is able to compete with various other types of games and is now the number one best-selling game in Indonesia beating the PUBG Mobile game.

Why Should Download Garena Free Fire (FF)?

Garena free fire game is indeed very exciting and also fun to play. But do you know when compared to other battle royales ?. Here are some reasons for you to play this Garena FF game.

More Fun With Your Friends

Slaughter the enemies of Free Fire with Monster Truck FF

The Free Fire game is made with a scheme that has the same excitement as other battle royale games. You will later jump from the plane and choose a landing place according to your own wishes.

Next, you will look for weapons at each location, where these weapons are used to kill the enemies in them.

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In addition, your sensation in playing this game will increase because the zone in this game is getting smaller. Here you have to finish off the enemy as fast as possible to get booyah.

By downloading Garena Free Fire, you will get pleasure if you are able to face all enemies so that you get bounced. At least you can kill enemies in this game.

Faster Game

Tips for Deadly Free Fire Weapons Assault Rifle SKS

Playing the Free Fire game, you will face 49 players. The total number of players in the game is 50. You will finish the game faster because there are only a few players in it. So, let’s download Download Garena Free fire

It’s different when compared to the PUBG Mobile game, here you have to face 99 people, of course this will take a long time and feel boring at the beginning of the game.

Play More Comfortably

With a small number of players, it will make you comfortable playing. This can reduce the risk of lagging or slipping while you are playing. In addition, there are no strange types of bugs such as getting stuck in doors, walls, running alone and others. The point is, it is very smooth, if you play the Free Fire game, comfort is guaranteed.

Download Garena Free Fire because the graphics are light and smooth

Easy Way Free Fire Headshot For FF Beginners

As we know, when viewed from the graphic side, Free Fire is less competitive than other games such as PUBG Mobile.

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Even so, good graphics from the PUBG Mobile game have a weakness when played with a low quality smartphone, the grade down decreases. Unlike Free Fire, the graphics are always smooth without experiencing any problems when played.

Suitable for filling leisure time

4 Ways to Kill Enemies in Free Fire Easily!

For those of you who are tired from coming home from work, by playing the Free Fire game your fatigue will disappear instantly. Imperceptibly, your free time will be consumed when playing this online game. When you download Garena Free Fire then play the FF game it takes approximately 15-20 minutes if you get booby.

That is some information about reviews on the Free Fire game that we can convey. Hopefully this is useful for all of my friends. So let’s download Garena FF.

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