Why isn’t ML verification code sent in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is one of the best games that you can play right now, this MOBA game made by Moonton has various features in the game it makes, one of which is the verification feature found in secondary verification in the Mobile Legends game, then why is the verification code not sent to the game. Mobile Legends.

Secondary Verification is one of the features that can keep your account in the Mobile Legends game, where this feature is devoted to keeping the account from logging in on other devices and requires verification of the owner when it is used. So what makes the verification code on the feature not sent in Mobile Legends?

On this occasion, we will answer your question about the secondary verification feature, where the verification code in the feature is not sent to the Mobile Legends game. So here we are, along with the explanation.

Why isn’t ML verification code sent in Mobile Legends?

The reason why the Mobile Legends verification code is not sent is because the Secondary Verification feature is one of the features that is still in the development stage, the feature itself was first released in early August, which experienced many errors, bugs and others.

As for this problem, it cannot be solved, which Moonton’s party is currently fixing or revoking this feature at this time, which you can’t use this feature at this time.

It is clear that this new feature is still experiencing a bug where the players cannot verify and the verification code is not sent to your Mobile Legends account.

The way this feature works is indeed quite simple and simple, which is when we are going to change accounts, then you will be asked for a code that was previously set up.

As for how to set it up itself is quite easy, you only need to use the check-click on the secondary verification menu, which you can find in your account settings, and there you only need to check secondary verification.


For those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers, you can only wait for this one feature to be fixed, until finally Moonton will release this feature again in the Mobile Legends game with a better system.

Even so, this secondary verification feature is very useful for protecting your account from hackers if the feature is successfully developed and is in the final stage later.

Now that’s just the discussion about why the verification feature where the verification code is not sent in the Mobile Legends game, which we know that this feature is quite interesting for us to use.

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