Why is Tommy Gun the New Weapon for PUBG Mobile’s Meta Close Combat?

PUBG Mobile provides changes to this weapon, now you can use a Red Dot Sight or Holographic scope on Tommy Gun to sharpen your aim when shooting.

The changes that occurred in Tommy Gun turned out to change the interest of many players in using this weapon, even to the point of becoming a new meta in In-Game. Even many PMGC players use this weapon, you know!

Why is Tommy Gun the New Weapon for PUBG Mobile’s Meta Close Combat?


1. Was Considered One Eye

Tommy Gun or commonly called Thompson is an SMG weapon underrated. Many players put this weapon aside because of the type of bullet and the upper rail that used to not be attached to a scope.

Maybe even most of you are players who always avoid Tommy Gun, right? Because basically the Tommy Gun is a weapon that doesn’t get much attention.

Everything changed when Tencent gave an update to Tommy Gun, a small update, just like adding a slot for the scope alone can make Tommy Gun a weapon. game changer.

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2. Sufficient Number of Bullets for Close Combat

Tommy Gun is an SMG type weapon with the most number of bullets in the magazine.

If Uzi and Vector alone are enough to kill the enemy with the number of bullets that are not too many, surely Tommy Gun will be superior with 50 bullets.

You can already imagine how efficient Tommy Gun is when used to close combat using the scope and 50 bullets, the enemy is auto knocked down!

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3. Small Bullet Size

Tommy Gun is an SMG weapon that uses white bullets which you usually refer to as 45 ACP bullets, many players also call them UMP bullets. Why is it called a UMP bullet? Because most players use 45 ACP only for UMP.

From the above explanation alone can explain how much underrated Tommy Gun weapons up to 45 ACP bullets are also familiar in the eyes of players as only UMP bullets.

45 ACP is a bullet with a small size. This small size certainly gives you the opportunity to carry more of these bullets without having to worry about running out of storage space in your bag.

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4. High Damage

Tommy Gun is an SMG weapon with the second highest damage after UMP 45. However, when compared to UMP 45, Tommy Gun has a higher fire rate. High damage plus high fire rate and lots of bullets, are you interested?

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you better understand why Tommy Gun is a new meta weapon in the PUBG Mobile game this time. Thank you for listening!

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