Why is the Free Fire Game Hated? This is the reason!

Free Fire has many features that are fun to play, and have many players playing this game too. However, many Haters don’t like this game, and there are also many people who always badmouth this game. In fact, each game has its own unique appeal and way of developing the game. Here we will discuss more about the reasons why the Free Fire Game is widely hated today.

Free Fire, which is one of the Battle Royal games that has many players. This game has many special features that you can play, such as characters and weapons. What makes it unique from its character is the skills each character has. Not only that, he had quite a few weapons, and each had its own characteristics. This is what makes Free Fire very popular and widely played.

However, many people always badmouth this game, making Free Fire seem like a bad game. In fact, many have made false accusations about this game, which makes Free Fire a bad name. In fact, this game has its own uniqueness, making Free Fire widely used.

Here we will discuss the reasons why the Free Fire game is widely hated. This need not be taken seriously. Because, maybe it is because they cannot respect other people’s work, and can only criticize without giving a solution.

Free Fire Game Much Hated?

Reasons Why the Free Fire Game Is Hated

Maybe it’s Salty again, so this excuse is also used. However, this can be a reference for Free Fire, so that you always develop the game and change the negative thoughts of others.

Even though each game has its own uniqueness, making many players like to compare games with one another. In fact, games that have the same theme also have their respective advantages.

The following are the reasons given by players who hate Free Fire:


Many say that the graphics in Free Fire are not good, even compared to other games. In fact, the graphics provided by Free Fire are also pretty good, and there are advantages that are provided. Many Low-Spec cellphones can play this game, because of the minimum graphics provided. That way, Free FIre has provided pretty good facilities.


Many have complained and mocked that Free Fire does not have a door. This excuse was used, to mock Free Fire, and make it look bad. There’s nothing wrong with having Doors to the game, so there’s nothing to criticize. What’s more, those who give criticism don’t provide solutions at all which makes the Free Fire community angry.


Many say that the Skin found on Free Fire P2W. It is said that the existing skin can add stats so that the match becomes unstable. Not only that, the price of the Skin given made many f2p players have no room to play, and lost to the sultans who had high sets with additional stats.


Many say that the Free Fire community is bad and toxic, which is actually not true. On the other hand, the Free Fire Community is very friendly and humorous, which makes you even feel comfortable playing. It is those who always make fun of other games who are actually toxic.

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That’s the reason why the Free Fire Game is hated by players from other games, or other people. On the other hand, Free Fire is a good game and has a good community. So, many players play this game. Regarding the skin, it only changes the stats a little, and doesn’t affect win / lose. So, it’s best if you don’t mock this game anymore, and just play the game that you like. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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