Why is ML Assassin Role Important in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is one of the most widely played Moba games, and is very popular in Indonesia. This game relies on good teamwork, to win the game. There are many roles that you can take when playing, and each have important tasks. Therefore, every player must be able to help each other to win. Here we will discuss about Role and Hero assassins in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends has many heroes with different skills. So each character also has a different way of playing. This game also relies on good teamwork. Therefore, you have to help each other to win the game. This game has other roles such as Mage, Marksman and others who have different tasks for each hero. If you don’t fulfill your duties properly, it will be difficult for you to win the game.

Assassin is one of the roles in Mobile Legends, which can kill enemies secretly. Usually the Assassin clears the Jungle and looks for prey on other lanes. It’s the Assassin’s job to kill other heroes, and attack them secretly. There are many advantages that you get with the Assassin in your team.

Here we will provide the reasons why Assassin Role is Important in Mobile Legends. With the Assassins on your team, you can attack your enemies more easily. You can take advantage of many things if your assassin plays well on the team.

Why is Role Assassin Important in Mobile Legends?

The following are the reasons why at least you have assassins on the team. There are many advantages that you will get, if your assassin plays well:


The enemy assassin always attacks enemies who look softer. One of them is ADC or Marksman. By attacking the enemy’s carry, the enemy’s carry will be difficult to develop and their team will lack damage power. That way, you get a big advantage.


With a weak ADC, you will be easier to attack. Therefore, you need a good assassin. You will attack the enemy who is outnumbered, and attack him head on. The assassin will continue the attack, by attacking other enemies who have low blood.

This is an advantage of assassins as well as a sign that the existence of assassins is important for the survival of a team in a match moba. His ability to attack enemies is not in doubt. Plus if the player who plays it has qualified skills or abilities.


You can have a hard assault. Attacking enemies is easier, with enemy Carry that the Assassins are always aiming for, and their progress slows down. So you can attack more easily later.


You can intercept the enemy more easily. With the assassin looking for a detour, it will be more difficult for Enemies with less blood to escape from you. Use the opportunity to attack enemies, and clear them.

That’s the reason why assassin roles are important in Mobile Legends ?. You have the advantage to attack the enemy more easily. However, you have to be careful, because usually Carry will be protected very hard. You can ask your friends for help to destroy their Defense, and rely on the Assassin to attack enemy carry or heroes who have low blood. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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