Why Does Wanwan ML Have Small Damage in Mobile Legends? Listen to the following!

Wanwan is the best marksman hero in Mobile Legends who is played quite often. This one hero has a large burst damage ability but has little damage in the early game. Even though he is the best hero, then why does Wanwan ML have such small damage in Mobile Legends?

Wanwan is quite different from other marskmen, where at the beginning of the game they can even beat the buff even though they are still level 1. Call it, Moskov, Bruno and Granger. They are quite fast at farming and have great damage in the early game. Even so, you can handle it in a fairly easy way without worrying.

On this occasion we will explain why the hero Wanwan has small damage in the Mobile Legends game. And also know that this one hero can inflict enormous damage when he approaches the late game. Therefore, please refer to our review below.

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Why Does Wanwan ML Have Small Damage in Mobile Legends? Listen to the following!

So here are some reasons why Wanwan has small damage. Even if you see this one hero being used by the enemy, Wanwan is very terrible right? Therefore, you must know the following things.

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Is a Late Game Marksman

Hero Mobile legends Are Often Banned

Henry is quite active in the Late Game, this marksman hero has high Burts Damage found in his ultimate skill. When compared to his Attack Speed, this one hero is quite slow when compared to Moscov. But you need to know, Wanwan will be very terrible if the ultimate is active.

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Why is Wanwan Little Damage in Mobile Legends, But Has Other Strengths

Why Does Wanwan ML Have Small Damage in Mobile Legends?  Listen to the following!

Even though it’s quite small, Wanwan has significant advantages over other marksman heroes.

The first is the agility it has. Every time you issue a basic attack, Wawan can quickly jump towards the enemy or run away from the enemy. So that he is dubbed the most agile hero in Mobile Legends today.

In addition, he has immune skills found in skill 2. This skill can release women from the enemy’s debuff effect easily.

All three have quite a distance attack. When compared to Moscov, the attack distance is very close, even though it hurts, it is quite risky to attack with that distance. Unlike women who have far-reaching attacks, you don’t need to worry and can control the right positioning.

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Have an Ultimate Capable of Making Auto Enemies Return to Base!

Why Does Wanwan ML Have Small Damage in Mobile Legends?  Listen to the following!

The most terrible thing is Wanwan’s ultimate skill, this one hero is quite scary if he has released the ultimate skill. This Hero Role mobile legends marksman can slaughter all your enemies in an instant

How not, he can float upwards and can’t even be countered by anyone when the ultimate is active. In addition, Wanwan is able to attack all of his enemies with one ultimate, you know.

Wanwan is a marksman which is a bit strange indeed. He is more like an assassin but the damage is more evenly distributed. Therefore his damage is confusing to many ML players.

So that’s the reason why Wanwan has little damage to the Mobile Legends game. As a marksman, of course, every damager per second that is issued will get sicker if it continues to hit the enemy. Therefore, as long as participating in teamfight and playing well will make women very terrible. May be useful.

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