Who is the Hero Who Can Count Sigma?

The presence of Sigma will be a big change for Overwatch and become the Meta for the current season and the next. Therefore, we will discuss about Who is the Hero Who Can Count Sigma?

Joshua Noh as one of the Overwatch development team explains the perfect way to fight Sigma. The development team has been working hard to make sure this new Hero is a great character to play on the defensive or in Offense, said Noh in an interview with Polygon.

Sigma is a Tank Shield / Barrier that can help protect the Team and push the team forward with some good power control and devastating abilities. The “Experimental Barrier” can help protect teammates from air and flank attacks while suppressing the enemy’s strong defenses, while its “Accretion” ability has a large enough area of ​​effect to lock onto the main target for the team to focus on attacking.

Who is the Hero Who Can Count Sigma?

Overwatch's New Sigma Hero

The ultimate will also be able to change the game pattern in matches – “Gravitic Flux” is the ultimate of Sigma heroes. It gains the ability to fly for an instant, picks up the enemy in the targeted area, and slams it to the ground. This is the perfect method, used to confuse a group of enemies gathered at one point and also prepare combos with other heroes.

Now, how do you fight against this new, powerful character? Noh said that we have involved him in close combat with heroes like Doomfist and Reaper.

He doesn’t have many moves that are quite nimble except for his ultimate, so if a melee hero moves in and targets his head / headshot, he won’t be able to move too easily.

But when a melee hero wants to attack him by approaching him, Sigma has a skill that can absorb damage into a shield, this skill is “Kinetic Grasp”. A skill that can absorb large damage and make it a shield for itself.

Melee attacks such as reapers will likely be food for his “Kinetic Grasp”, as the Reaper’s melee damage is almost 150+ and if the headshot is very close it can be up to 25.

If the Reaper is aiming for Sigma’s Body from close range but Sigma is using the skill “Kinetic Grasp” against the reaper, then the Reaper’s damage which is 150+ will be absorbed and made into a shield by Sigma for himself, the maximum Shield that can be absorbed by Sigma. is 400, and if the shield absorbed by Sigma is maxed out, then the Max Health / HP Hero Sigma will be 800, consisting of 300Health, 100 Barrier HP, 400 Shield from absorbed damage.

Hero Who Can Count Sigma


However, “Kinetic Grasp” can still be penetrated by several heroes who have Weapon Beam or Laser, and this is good enough to be a Sigma counter hero. Heroes who can penetrate the power of “Kinetic Grasp” are Zarya, Symmetra, and Winston. The three heroes can interfere with Sigma who is doing “Kinetic Grasp” because the skill can be penetrated.

It will be very interesting to see players who have their way of playing new heroes. Sigma itself will be even more interesting in the latest rank system called Role Queue, where this system locks Hero to implement 2Tank-2Damage-2Support.

This new hero will be released on Monday, 12 August 2019. However, it is estimated that in Indonesia he will be released on the 13th.

How about this topic about Hero again? Isn’t that interesting?

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