Where does the Blue Zone Damage on Erangel Map come from?

PUBG Mobile is a game with the battle royale genre that has a very challenging gameplay. The details of this game make a lot of things explained in a detailed and justified manner. This time we will provide info on where the Blue Zone damage comes from.

In a battle royale game, there are several zones on a map. Each zone has its own function and cannot be separated from its challenges. For complete information about each zone in PUBG Mobile, you can read it on the 4 zone pubg mobile at this time

This time we will discuss about the Blue Zone, a deadly zone that will reduce your HP little by little. PUBG Mobile is known as a detailed game. Therefore, there must be a reason for reducing HP due to the Blue Zone.

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About the Blue Zone


The Blue Zone is the outermost zone on the map that will shrink its circle throughout the match. At the end of the match, the Blue Zone will coincide with the Safe Zone so that players will be forced to fight in the Safe Zone while the Blue Zone damage becomes even deadlier than before. PUBG Mobile players also like to play in the Blue Zone even though it can reduce HP. An effective tip for surviving in the Blue Zone is to use ready-made items. You can read the details about these tips here.

As a game that is known for its details, of course the damage generated from the Blue Zone in PUBG Mobile must be explained. In the Red Zone, explosive bombs will be dropped from planes flying over the arena. Each map also has a different time zone. For the large Erangel map, where does the Blue Zone damage come from?

Mylta Power

As we know, the damage to the Blue Zone in the Erangel map is caused by electricity. There is a power plant area that supports electricity supplies throughout the Erangel map, namely Mylta Power. The location is also in the east close to the sea. It was just right that he was in the outermost area of ​​the vast Erangel map.

It was also told that Mylta Power was a power plant that was somewhat neglected. The electricity that spreads to all locations in the Erangel map is precisely the electricity that is deadly. So it can be concluded that the damage in the Blue Zone on the Erangel map is caused by electricity from Mylta Power.

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That’s brief info about the Blue Zone damage that attacks players little by little throughout the match. So much detail that even the game content can be explained. Thank you!

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