What the Minimum Age to Play Free Fire Players is, and Why

Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game which is quite famous and popular anywhere. There is also many types of weapons that you can find and use later on. You can obtain the weapon in various ways. Here we will inform you about what the minimum age of Free Fire players is, and why do we need to know about it. If you reach the minimun age, try to read these tips to be a pro in Free Fire.

The Minimum Age to Play Free Fire

First, we need to know about the gameplay, buying procedure, and the items that players bought.

Free Fire is a battle royale game that uses firearms as the main weapon, which means that there is a violence occurring in the game. Players need to understand that shooting and killing shouldn’t be done in real life. This is the minimum knowledge that players need to know before they play.

This game also has character feature that players can customize and loot box that costs money, which means that there is a buying procedure that players need to understand. As a Free Fire player, buying items with real money is a normal thing to do, but to some people, it can be addictive to use real cash in the game. So players also need to be aware of this fact.

If you’re paying attention to the game, the age restriction based on the fact above is 12 years old. But is it true that children above 12 is allowed to play this game?

Usually, children above 12 is allowed to play Free Fire. But they still need some guidance and limits so that they won’t be addicted to the game. Because not every children can control their emotion, even in games. If they can’t control their anger, there is a tendency that some of those children will tend to be a hot head or short tempered.

So, for those of you who is under 12 years old, it will be better if you play something else. If you see someone under 12 years old playing Free Fire, try to remind their parents that this game is not suitable for that age group.

The Reason of the Age Restriction

Here’s some reason why children under 12 isn’t allowed to play Free Fire. In Europe, children are prohibited to play this game. This can be a good example to keep the gaming community better so pay attention to the age restriction.

Prevent Toxic Players

One of the reason is to prevent toxic people from showing up in the game. Sometimes under-aged children tend to not comprehensively understand anything but they feel like they know everything. Playing a game like Free Fire can make them unleash hell. They tend to imitate the dirty words, the rage, and the anger that adult players like to express as they lose.

Prevent Eye Disorder

Playing this game for too long, especially for children, can risk them with an eye disorder. Children can have shortsighted since early days, if they’re playing the game for too long everyday.


There are some cases where children use their parent’s credit card to but a lootbox. Some use it without their knowledge that it uses real money. But some is aware that it uses real money, but they still use their parents credit card anyway. This can be really bad for the children since they’ll get used to stealing later on.

Causing Laziness

Gaming can be a huge distraction, especially for children. Too much gaming can cause the children to get lazy, and refuse to do anything else. This habit must be prevented at all cost.


There are some violence aspects in this game. It can be shown from the gameplay itself, using weapons to kill people. People that have enough common sense and enough understanding of the game concept is the one that is allowed to play this game.

Getting to know the minimum age restriction of this game, can be important for you. Especially if there’s a children around you that plays Free Fire and under-aged. It is your job and their parents job to remind them about what the game can to do them. Good luck and don’t forget to follow my esports!

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