What is Reap in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games you can play, in this game there are lots of Specialty on the heroes, one of which is Reap, then what is Reap in Mobile Legends, and what are the heroes who have this specialty? On this occasion, Esportsku will provide an explanation of what Reap is in Mobile Legends.

Heroes with specialty reap usually have quite unique abilities, which are able to deal massive damage quickly, have a very far attack range and also a very fast cooldown.

For that, you must know what Reap is in Mobile Legends, what heroes have this one skill, and what are the weaknesses of heroes with specialty reap. For that we will write it as follows.

What is Reap in Mobile Legends

Reap is a specialty given to heroes who have the ability to immediately execute targets using skills that benefit from killing enemy heroes.

The hero fighter, assassin and marksman possess the reap ability. Many players certainly really need the ability to reap in the game, especially to counter several hero cores. With speed in killing your opponent it will certainly help in teamfight.

What are the heroes who have the ability to Reap in Mobile Legends?

First there is Hero Martis who is a hero who has a specialty in Reap, this is thanks to his Decimate skill that can attack his opponent quickly. This skill also has a skill effect to reset when it kills its opponent.

Not only Martis, the next hero is Karina who has abilities similar to Martis, Karina has the Shadow Assault skill which is her Reap skill, this skill can make attacks quickly by executing her opponent.

No less, Saber also has Reap’s ability which allows him to kill opponents instantly, with his ultimate Tripe Sweep, he can hit opponents easily and quickly. This skill is very suitable as an executor.

One of the marksman heroes like Granger and Layla also has a specialty of Reap, Layla with the Destruction Rush attack which attacks with a laser and also Granger with his Death Sonata skill.

With this, don’t you understand what Reap is in Mobile Legends and the heroes who have these abilities? Of course, all of each Specialty, of course, has very interesting abilities and it is also worth knowing about. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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