What Is Free Fire KD Ratio And How To Maintain It In Free Fire?

In playing Free Fire, you often get kills while playing, as well as Dead because you lose. All of that is recorded in your account history, and you will always see how many kills or dead you got. This will have an impact with your winrate and you who continue to grow. But, do you know what KD Ratio Free Fire is? Here we will explain what KD Free Fire Ratio is, and how to increase your KD Free Fire Ratio.

There are many terms in the game that we often say like, mabar, GG, lol and others. all of that has a purpose, like mabar means playing together, GG is a Good Game. then, you’ve heard the word lol which the real meaning is laugh out loud or burst out laughing. but do you know the real meaning of KDA?

KD Ratio stands for Kill and Dead Ratio. So if you talk about KD Ratio Free Fire, it means about your kill dead. You have seen this in moba games, battle royals and others. Apart from KD, there are MMR and meta which have other meanings. KD in the Free Fire game, is always recorded so, for example, if you get a kill or a dead one, everything will be recorded in your account. But, how to prevent it from going down is quite difficult.

Here we will explain about how to overcome a bad KD Free Fire Ratio. By keeping your KD good, people looking at your profile will think you are a good player.

Maintain KD Ratio Free Fire


By playing it safe, you can keep your dead at a certain amount. Don’t get dead too often, and continue to skip matches carefully. That way you can play with KDA which doesn’t have many dead. In this way too, you will be able to stay in the match longer. But, without kills and assists, you will find it difficult to score high.


This is almost the same as playing it safe, the difference is that you help your friends a little. Only by helping your friends, at least you get an assaist from the enemy and increase the KDA which helps a lot. But, help him don’t go overboard by shooting once and then running. At least use a support character that provides buffs and helps the team in dealing damage. That way you can become a very helpful player on the team.


This is quite difficult for you, because to get a kill, you have to kill your enemy. You can use characters and weapons that you can use as melee attacks. By doing a finisher on the enemy, you can get a kill. However, the chances of you getting dead are also high, so it is recommended that you ask your friends for help, to help carry out attacks. Meanwhile, you become a strong Finisher.


This is the most effective way of maintaining KDA. You can play with your friends who are better, so your chances of winning are also high. In this way, your Winrate also increases considerably. Because, by playing with a trusted friend or squad, you can rely on them to attack your enemy. However, don’t just sit there and help, that way you can also contribute to the team.

That’s an explanation of KDA and how to maintain your KDA. Even though you want to look after your KDA, you also have to contribute to the team. Because, if you only care about KDA and play it safe, your teammates will be in trouble and you will lose. So, playing well is also an important thing.

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