What is Damage Reduction in Mobile Legends (ML)

The word “Damage reduction” must be familiar to you Mobile Legends players. You will usually encounter this word when reading the use of an item. For those of you who don’t know what Mobile Legends damage reduction is, take it easy because we will discuss it.

Damage reduction is also an important factor in Mobile Legend, especially for tank heroes in gameplay. When your tank hero has a high level of damage reduction, of course, it will be difficult to beat or kill. The tank becomes hard and the durability is high thanks to this effect.

On this occasion my Esports will discuss what Mobile Legend’s damage reduction is. Now for those of you who are still laymen and confused about what the true meaning of this word is, let’s just look at the full discussion below! Listen carefully so that you will know the meaning!

What is Damage Reduction in Mobile Legends

Damage reduction is an effect in Mobile Legends which you can use to reduce the total damage from your opponent’s attacks. Damage reduction itself is usually a mainstay effect for tank heroes in Mobile Legends because it will make them even harder. Hero tanks that have high damage reduction are usually difficult to beat in gameplay.

You can get damage reduction by using a set of emblems or using defensive items in gameplay. There are several damage reduction items in Mobile Legends that you can buy and use. These items include Athena’s Shield, Immortality, Rose Gold Meteor, and several other items.

Using items that produce this effect will make your durability level better. For example, in a gameplay there is a hero mage burst damage on the opposing team, then the right decision for you to do is to use the Athena Shield item. This item will make you get an additional shield when attacked and that’s what your damage reduction will be.

If you use an assassin hero and need a damage reduction item as well as a damage enhancer, you can use the rose gold meteor. Just like Athena’s Shield which will provide additional shields for you. But there is a slight difference, namely the rose gold meteor will activate the shield if the number of your cellphone is below 40%. Thanks to that shield, you will also get a damage reduction that can reduce damage from your opponent.

Immortality will also provide temporary damage reduction for you. When the passive skill of this item is active and turns you back on, there will be a shield that is created and can also reduce damage from your opponent in a few moments. Of course this will help you survive a little until you come back up from your teammates.

So that’s an explanation of what is the damage reduction in Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Keep visiting my Esports for more updated information about the world of Esports! That is all and thank you!

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