What is Burst Damage in Mobile Legends, ML Players Must Know!

The terms about burst are certainly familiar to those of you who play the Mobile Legends game. Most of you, of course, already know the meaning of this term in the Mobile Legends game. But even so, players who are new to the Moba game may still be a little unfamiliar with this term because they really have very little knowledge in the Moba game. Before getting to know the term Burst Damage in Mobile Legends, it would be nice for you to get to know first what damage is.

Damage is a term that means how much HP is reduced from your opponent due to an attack from you, either through attack skills or through basic attacks. After knowing the term damage.

On this occasion, we will also explain what Burst damage in Mobile Legends is. For those of you who want to know and are curious about the term burst damage, let’s just look at the reviews below properly and correctly!

What is Burst Damage in Mobile Legends?

Burst damage is a term in Mobile Legends which means an attack that is given continuously with a very large amount in a short time. Burst damage is usually used to make the enemy die in an instant. Burst damage is done by attacking the enemy using his combo attack skills. Besides that, you can also increase damage through items, talents, and emblems in Mobile Legends.

Usually Burst damage can be done for typical mage, assassin, and marksman heroes. This is because the average skill he has has considerable damage and can kill his enemy quickly through the skill combo of the hero. By using a hero burst damage, make sure you have good mechanical skills so that the skill combo can run properly and correctly. Here are some of the burst heroes with the best attacks in the current Mobile Legends season.


The Best Hero Burst Damage in Mobile Legends


Gusion is a hybrid assassin mage hero that is often used in the current meta season. Gusion has considerable damage and can kill his enemies quickly through his combo skills.


Jawhead is a fighter hero who can kill his enemies easily through his combo skills. Jawhead also has an ejector skill which is very troublesome because he can throw his enemies.


Claude is the best marksman burst in Mobile Legends in the current season. Claude’s ultimate skill can kill enemies around him easily because it includes the ultimate damage area skill which is quite painful.


Selena is also a burst damage hero that is often used in the current meta season. The combo skill when it hits the enemy can kill it quickly and very easily. Using Selena you must have good instincts so that her arrow skills can be hit by enemies.

Thamuz with Burst Damage ML

Thamuz is a Mobile Legends offliner hero who can also provide burst damage to his enemies. Using Thamuz you must have strong mechanical skills because this hero is quite difficult to use.

Now that’s an explanation of what is burst damage in Mobile Legends along with the best burst damage heroes in the current meta season that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you. Don’t forget to like my esports fanspage!

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