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When playing Mobile Legends, it is certainly not uncommon to hear the term blind map. Yes, this term often appears in your chat or voice chat. It is important to understand what a “blind map” Mobile Legends is because this will greatly affect your game later. Here, let’s discuss what a “blind map” Mobile Legends is. It’s quite interesting for us to discuss this term.

One of the terms is that it actually has often appeared, not only in Mobile Legends. The term blind map has been quite popular for a long time, and you could even say that this is a term that is quite difficult to trace its origins. But popular with Dota players when it was still popular at WC3.

Roughly speaking, a game with a map or minimap if it is not noticed by other players can cause map blindness. As long as the players play casually and don’t pay attention to their surroundings, they are map blind. Therefore this term can go into many things.

Explanation of What Is “Blind Map”

Blind map mobile legends is a term used to tease or insult other players. Often used for players who often die as unclear as bots in ML.

So, the blind map is arguably the absence of map awareness. Simply put, play like a single player without monitoring your opponent’s movements and looking at the map. For example, when it is clear that there is an enemy who will be ganking to the other side but he is still cool farming.

To make you at least not map blind or have good map awareness, there is one important thing here. The awareness map can be said to be included in macro skills, how can you analyze movements and maps in the game. It is important to improve this skill.

How To Get Better With Map Awareness

So that you can understand more about map blindness or map awareness, improve your macro skills. Starting from playing with multitasking, paying attention to your surroundings and responding to information from your team members. This requires experience and high map knowledge.

Always read your opponent’s movements when they miss or after knowing their position. By analyzing well and also being able to provide accurate predictions the effect will be felt. It will really help not only yourself because your team members will also benefit greatly.

By understanding the map and opponent’s movements, useless deaths can be reduced very easily. You can even use this to play aggressively like knowing when to gang and also rotating. Taking control and being able to read the map will give you easy wins.

That is information about what the “blind map” is for those of you who are curious. It is very important for you to understand so that later you are not confused anymore. Don’t let blind map become your defeat. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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