What is AFK ?, Common Term in Video Games

In playing online games, there are many things that should not be done so that the game can run well. For example, you can’t be toxic, do AFK, and so on. Usually you will get punishment for what you do.

AFK in online games is common, and this is one of the things that some games actually don’t allow. Some games allow AFK, so that players can stay longer in the game.

Usually games that allow AFK players are MMORPG games and others. Missions such as login and others, make players prefer to AFK and let the game run.

However, competitive games such as MOBA or Battle Royal strongly discourage AFK. Because you will burden other players, because you play with other players to cooperate.

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Here we will explain more to you about what AFK is. It’s good that you don’t do this often when playing MOBA games or other competitive games, because it can harm you and your own team.

What is AFK?

AFK itself stands for Away From Keyboard . In essence, you don’t play or stay away from the games you play. If you stay still for too long, you can be said to be AFK.

Some games do not allow you to AFK, because it can harm yourself and even others. Suppose you play a MOBA game, but you instead do AFK.

Usually you will get punished like tires and others. This is common in competitive games, especially team-based games such as MOBA, FPS or Battle Royal.

Is it permissible to do AFK?


Some games allow you to do AFK, for example MMORPG games. You are allowed to do AFK, because some games require you to log in for a long time, with quite tempting prizes.

However, some games will force you to relog to be able to play again, for fear that you will use 3rd party applications so you can play more easily.

For team-based competitive games or not, it is highly discouraged. Doing AFK can harm you as well as your team. In order for the game to run well and players can play comfortably, AFK is strictly not allowed.

The worst thing you will get by AFK is tires. You are not allowed to play for some time, so that you don’t disturb other players by AFK.

That’s info about what is AFK. It’s best if you don’t do this often if you are playing competitive games. Because, you can get banned and not be able to play for a long time.

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If you really want to do something first, it’s better if you don’t start the game first, or finish the game first so you don’t AFK when playing later.

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