What are the Free Fire players who are the most annoying in FF?

Playing the Free Fire game, of course, there are events that can upset you while playing. When you are playing, suddenly there are intruders who make your concentration disappear. Some annoying things that often happen like being pro, killing your own friends, looting all the time, not being able to work with you and so on. This is the type of Free Fire player that is the most annoying in FF!

As a result of your friends who are not messy, you fail to shake. Of course it will make you very annoyed, right! One of the most important ways to avoid this is to play with your own friends. If it’s random, things often happen that can upset you.

On this occasion we will discuss several types of Free Fire players where the gameplay of the game is the most slippery in the FF game. Now for those of you who are FF players, see the full review below!

The type of Free Fire player who is the most annoying in FF!

The following are some of the most annoying types of Free Fire players in FF! :

  1. Landing at a different location

The first type of player that annoys you is when you play randomly with other FF players. Usually there is one person who prefers to separate themselves. This often irritates you, when dealing with other squads, you will actually die because you are separated from other players.

Usually those who separate are because someone doesn’t want to play the bar bar. Thus, they prefer to land in a quieter place. And for friends who play bar bars, they will usually die sooner because the squad is not complete.

  1. Sok Pro

The next type of player who is annoying is the one who acts as a pro. Players like this often make people annoyed, they usually prefer to move forward using makeshift weapons. With makeshift weapons, they will be more easily killed by their opponents.

Sometimes what makes him annoyed is also from his style of speaking that likes to arrange other friends. When he arranged, he actually died alone because he was too careless or something else. What do you think if you meet this type of player?

  1. Keep on booting

The next type of free fire player is the FF player who often boots without cracking at all. Especially when his friend kills his opponent, but he takes the equipment. This often happens and annoys the FF players who are already tired of killing their enemies.

  1. Killing Own Friends

The fourth type of free fire player is to kill his partner. This often happens either because of fun, revenge or other things. If you find a player who kills his own friend, it’s better to just report it to Free Fire so that his account is banned.

Usually this is often done by the squad whose number is less than one, so that one random player is killed by the squad. This type of player is annoying but it’s really too much, guys! Don’t be emulated by this type of player.

  1. Traitor

This type of player is also very annoying for players who are left behind while in a knockout condition. Maybe because they don’t want to die or their rank decreases, they prefer to go and leave their friend. This can hurt the player who is left out after being done like that.

  1. Difficult to Collaborate with

The last type of annoying player is a player who is difficult to work with. Each player certainly has a different strategy, sometimes it makes it difficult for them to work together and prefer to separate in one battle.


That is some information about the types of Free Fire players who are the most annoying in FF !. Hopefully this is especially useful for those of you who are current Free Fire players. Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram on Esportsku (@ esports.ku) to get the latest information about the Free Fire game and other interesting news.

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