What about Overwatch Gameplay on the Switch Platform?

Previously, we were excited about the leak LoL Mobile which is even more convincing with the circulation of the video gameplayon someone’s Youtube channel gamers from China. Not to be outdone, one of Blizzard Entertainment’s flagship esports games, Overwatch also announced the Switch version which will be released in the next update.

As you can see in the video above, after the announcement last month, Blizzard has now announced the exact date, which is 15 October. Overwatch will be released on platform Nintendo Switch.

Of course this makes you wonder, because unlike some games adopted from other PCs which relatively do not stretch PCs with high specifications to play them, Overwatch is one of the games. Esports with Specification Requirements the highest in this decade.

Plus a few kit gameplay which is quite complicated, of course, brings the question back to a higher level, especially for professional players who are accustomed to using a PC as a platform their main.

This question was also answered by a Reddit user with ID: Owlero, who recently uploaded a teaser of his game using platform PS4 as a benchmark gameplay when they made the video.

Roughly speaking, the gameplay doesn’t look as bad as what the community says, although it seems like there will be a few obstacles regarding character control that will make it difficult for “Veteran” players, but at the same time it also looks really good, especially to attract new players. in this paid game.

Overwatch Tracer Switch
Image via Nerd Bot

Although it is felt that there are still many adjustments before entering the competitive arena, it is for games Casual. gameplay shown in the video is enough to accompany us when we are away from a PC or computer that requires us to play indoors along with all the equipment gaming that we have.

Image via Owlero

Currently Blizzard Entertainment has opened a session Pre order for those of you who are interested in buying a themed Switch console Overwatch via the Amazon page, and of course you will also get the game at once when buying the console.

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