Weakness of Lolita as a Tank in Mobile Legends (ML)

Tanks in mobile legends usually have high defense to withstand enemy attacks. The CC skill he has is usually only as additional support. However, this hero can carry the team well, and take enemy damage to protect the team. Many tank heroes on mobile legends that you can use. Here we will discuss heroes on mobile legends.

Lolita is one of the anti-marksman tank heroes, which can fend off all enemy range attacks. If you are behind Lolita, you will not take any damage from the marskman or other range attacks. One of the top tier heroes with strong skills as a tank, because it can be used as a stun assassin. He can stun 1 hero very quickly. Besides that, the damage it has is also high.

Many have struggled against Lolita on mobile legends. This hero can fend off all enemy attacks, and has a very large area of ​​stun damage during a team fight. His skill makes this hero difficult to move and attack enemies. However, it turns out that this hero has a weakness that you can use. This hero is indeed very difficult to handle, because his defense and stun skills are very broad. By attacking the wrong way, you will get stuck with the stun combo that Lolita has.


Lolita can fend off all enemy range attacks with her skills, this makes her able to protect herself and the team well. However, he couldn’t ward off melee or melee attacks. If you see lolita raising her shield, you can ask the melee hero to attack her, because lolita can’t block it.


Lolita is very weak against attacks from behind. His shield and ultimate skill will only have an effect on the enemy in front of him. So, you can take this opportunity to attack behind him.


Even though Lolita has movement skills such as dash and stun, she is very easy to get aggro. you can play it easily by keeping your distance and attacking it continuously. Even though he has a shield skill, this skill has a duration and is not long.


Lolita has the ultimate skill that will inflict great damage if she holds her skills for a long time. You can use the ultimate to stop it. this also applies when he uses his shield skill. With a stun, he will stop using skills.

Those are tips about 4 Weaknesses of Lolita as a Tank in Mobile Legends, which you can use. Indeed fighting this one tank is quite difficult. However, with the right way to attack, you can beat him easily. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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