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The story of the film Run with the Hunted revolves around a man named Oscar (Mitchel Paulsen) who often gets bad treatment from his drunken father, he even gets beaten, kicked and tortured so often that even Oscar himself does not know what is wrong.

Fortunately, this Oscar has a friend named Loux played by (Madilyn) he is a neighbor as well as a good friend. Oscar was often helped by him and his father, because they were very sorry to see Oscar being tortured all the time.

The same thing happened again and again, until in the end Oscar was annoyed and irritated. Then somehow he had the thought of running away from home. He told all his complaints to Loux, who at that time Oscar visited and cried at Loux’s house.

Loux, who is actually a good person, immediately told Oscar to cancel his plan. Because there are so many bad people out there that they don’t even hesitate to kill strangers.

Long story short, somehow Oscar, who was really depressed at that time, he thought of running away. Oscar heads to a small town called Tulsa, where he meets a runaway teenager named Peaches.

The two have similar things in common, therefore Peaches brought Oscar to live with his group, who work or survive by pickpocketing and also robbing on the streets.

They did this crazy activity together, and over time Oscar started to like his job so he kept trying to survive that way, becoming a pickpocket and a robber. Then what is the next Oscar story, watch it only in the film Run with the Hunted huh!

Run with the Hunted (2019) information

Release Date: June 26, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery


Director: John Swab

Author: John Swab


  • Mark Boone Junior becomes Sway
  • Ron Perlman becomes birdie
  • Michael Pitt becomes Oscar
  • William Forsythe becomes Augustus
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. to be Lester
  • Kylie Rogers becomes Young Peaches
  • Dree Hemingway becomes Peaches
  • Brad Carter becomes Persey
  • George Carroll as Flannery (as Slaine)
  • Renee Willett becomes Keryn
  • Gore Abrams becomes Amos
  • Darryl Cox becomes Congressman
  • Mitchell Paulsen becomes Young Oscar
  • Sam Quartin becomes Loux
  • Madilyn Kellam as Young Loux

Rate: 7.0 / 10 (

Run with the Hunted (2019) Official Trailer

Watch Run with the Hunted (2019) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Oscar, who at that time was thought to have disappeared by Loux, he then reported him to the police that his friend and neighbor had gone missing somewhere. He kept looking for Oscar for more than 15 years but never found him.

The timeline in the film Run with the Hunted is a bit confusing, because there is a time difference from a small Oscar to an adult Oscar, and suddenly new players appear and the premise in each scene is also not connected.

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