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The storyline of the Doremi & You film emphasizes character development and also the thinking patterns of children. So you could say this film is about the character development of children who want to be themselves without having to follow the words of adults.

With the musical drama genre wrapped in the rhythm of the song, making the Film Doremi & You has its own impression on the audience. Because it can be said to be a new genre in Indonesian cinema because it features children’s musical dramas.

There are other interesting things that are presented in the film Doremi & You, namely many scenes that are brought to elevate Indonesian culture. The dialogue also maintains the accents from the area of ​​origin of each character of the character.

Doremi & You (2019) Official Trailer

Doremi & You Information (2019)

Release Date: June 20, 2019

Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes

Genre: Drama, Family, Musical


Director: BW Purba Negara

Author: BW Purba Negara


  • Adyla Rafa Naura Ayu, the character’s name is Putri
  • Devano Danendra, the name of the character he plays is Reno
  • Fatih Unru, the name of the character he plays is Imung
  • Nashwa Zahira, the character’s name is Anisa
  • Toran Waibro, the character’s name is Markus
  • Sekar Sari, the name of the character played is Ibu Putri
  • Simhala Avadana, the name of the character played is Father and Daughter
  • Paundrakarna Sukmaputra Jiwanegara, the name of the character played is Reno’s father

Rate: 7.5 / 10 (

Watch Doremi & You (2019) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Because the film Doremi & You emphasizes elements of Indonesian culture. So each player tries to maintain the accent of their respective regions, which will make each scene feel real so that it is not fake.

Indeed, there are still many shortcomings in this film, but along with the lack of films for children that display Indonesian culture, so this should be appreciated and watched by the Indonesian people. You can watch Doremi & You online at VIU. So have fun watching!

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