VPN Anti Banned Tricks, Can they be in Mobile Legends?

Return event: This time, The King of Fighters Bingo in Mobile Legends presents various polemics in various communities and groups of Indonesian MLBB players. Starting from share screenshots Epic or Limited skins and players’ comments about drama on Bingo Prizes which are very difficult to obtain. Therefore, we will discuss some tricks that you can do without having to get banned by ML when using VPN Mobile legends

In this article, we will discuss one of the hottest topics regarding event: The King of Fighters Bingo MLBB. This is a bug of Using a VPN to Get Free KoF Skins mobile legends.

The tricks of using a VPN have been tried by many MLBB players and proven potency! In fact, some players have managed to get Skin Chou: Iori Yagami and Skin Gusion: K. However, a big question arises regarding this VPN trick. Is it safe for players to use VPN tricks to get KoF Skins for free?

The answer, of course not.

Because the use of VPN is a third party program that makes your ML accounttire. You can read about the possible penalties that Moonton gives to mobile legends players

Banned itself is a punishment given by Moonton as developer Mobile Legends to players for using illegal programs in ML games. Accounts arebanned has a varying duration. depending on how fatal the violation was committed by the player. Duration banned These include: daily, weekly, month, year, even permanent.

Tips so that ML accounts are not banned when using VPN Mobile Legends

Well, here are tips that can be tried so that your account is not compromised.tire by Moonton:

  1. Log in to Mobile Legends, go to Settings, select Network Detection, select Clear Cache.
  2. Delete Mobile Legends then download it again, then log in as usual.
  3. Do it restart / force close ML every 2x matches so that the system is not detected.

These three tips have been tried by many players and until this article was published, their accounts can still be used normally and are safe from punishment tire from Moonton’s side.

Well, even though this is a trick, it’s possible that you can also get a mobile legends VPN penalty too. This means that it is not 100 percent guaranteed to do

So, for those of you MLBB players who have used this VPN trick, it is possible that your account will betire. Despite the polemic regarding ban account since the use of VPN tricks is confusing, it is an obvious offense. But there’s no need to worry, because you can listen to how to recover your banned account.

That’s the way and tricks not to get banned when changing IP addresses with VPNs on mobile legends that ML players can do. Well, you can try this but it doesn’t always work well. What’s more, it depends on your deeds too, huh ?. However, it’s better for you not to use a VPN at all because now there are more and more banned movies for players using 3rd party applications.

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