Various Skins I See You Present at PUBG Mobile’s Blue’s Secret Event

PUBG Mobile has entered the New Era by bringing various changes. Interesting events are also present this season by offering rewards in the form of cosmetic items. One of them is the various I See You skins that were present at the Blue’s Sea Event which made the character’s appearance even cooler and here is the info.

As a battle royale game known for its complicated gameplay, PUBG Mobile is still a game that provides entertainment. One of them is by presenting cosmetic items that are useful for enhancing the appearance of the character. Starting from set outfits, weapon skins, and various skins for other items are present in this game.

These cosmetic items can be obtained with certain offers. One of them is through events that are presented in this game. Currently, what is still ongoing is the Blue’s Secret event which offers various skin items.

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Various Skins I See You Present at the Blue’s Secret Event

Throughout this New Era, PUBG Mobile has issued a lot of cosmetic items. Starting from the New Era event itself, the Blackpink In Your Area event which is a collaboration event with Blackpink, and also a series of events from Season 15 Beyond ACE

Not only that, other events were also present to accompany PUBG Mobile players this season. One of them is the Blue’s Secret event. It looks quite simple but still gives a cool stylish effect.

With the name I See You, this skin comes with an eye-like appearance. The color combination is blue, yellow and white which gives a stylish impression to this I See You skin.

Interestingly, through this Blue’s Secret event, not only one type of skin was presented. But three skin items. The first is a backpack or backpack skin with eye patterns on the main part of the backpack. The appearance of this bag is perfect for young people. The second is the pan skin. Filled with blue on the sides, in the center of the pot is I See You’s signature eye pattern.

The third is the I See You parachute skin with a look that is not much different. The blue, yellow, white eye patterns are clearly visible in the main part of the parachute. To get the I See You parachute skin, you can exchange 60 points obtained from the Blue’s Secret event.

Blue’s Secret Event Period

Seeing the various skin items that are presented certainly makes PUBG Mobile players excited enough to get them. Relax, because the Blue’s Secret event period is still quite long.

The Blue’s Secret event will take place from 12 October to 25 October 2020. This means that you still have one more week to be able to get various interesting skin items I See You.

Login now and immediately complete the mission of this Blue’s Secret event. That way you can get this I See You skin permanently! Of course this is an offer that is a pity to miss, yes.

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That’s information about the Blue’s Secret event, which presents various skin items I See You. remember, the period is 12-25 October 2020, yes. Thank you!

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