Using the FF Shotgun is Sick and Deadly Free Fire

Have you ever felt underestimated when using a Shotgun type weapon in Free Fire? Of course you have, but why do so many people think this weapon is not that useful? Let’s take a look at the tips so that the Shotgun you are using gets sicker. This time there is a way to use the FF Shotgun to be sick and turn off Free Fire

Shotguns have a lot of terrifying potential. Behind the close attack of a shotgun, you can kill the enemy in just one shot. In addition, with your shotgun, you will inflict painful damage even if it is only slightly hit

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Are you curious about the best way to use a Shotgun to make it more maximal and have a more terrifying danmage? Follow these tips.

Using the FF Shotgun is Sick and Deadly Free Fire

Keep Shot Distance

It is common knowledge that the shotgun can only be used at close range. Indeed, the shotgun is a weapon that can inflict great damage when used at close range.

In order for your maximum damage attack, then use the shotgun in only if you are one by one at close range. Shotguns are also very effective for you to use when you’re at home.

Apart from the short distance, don’t try. The reason is that the shotgun will not be useful if you use it to shoot your opponent in a short or even long distance.

Using Shotgun Free Fire Sick By Combining With Characters

In addition to choosing a battle distance, it turns out that Shotgun can be combined with characters in Free Fire. When fighting at close range, of course you have to need an agile character.

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Therefore, the character that is suitable for you to use when using a shotgun is the DJ Alok character. You can mix DJ Alok’s skill with Maxim and it will be perfect to fight enemies at close range using a shotgun weapon.


If you use the Sick FF Shotgun, of course, you also have to master the jumpshot skill. Because the Shotgun won’t be suitable if you haven’t done a jumpshot. A shooting motion while jumping is also a characteristic of playing Free Fire instead of Battle Royale games like PUBG,

Besides giving a cooler effect, Jumlshot can also confuse your opponent’s focus and increase your chances of getting a Headshot. Therefore, when you use a shotgun, try to do the jumshot as often as possible.

Now that’s the way to maximize the Shotgun in Free Fire, besides having to prioritize shooting distance you can also take advantage of agile characters and perform jumpshot skills while playing in Free Fire. Boyaah !!

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