Update Rare Skin Fragment Shop, 28 October 2020 Mobile Legends (ML)

Rare Skin Fragment Shop is one of the media for you to buy skins for free in the Mobile Legends game, after every few months, Moonton presents the latest update of Rare Skin Fragment Shop which presents various Starlight skins that have passed on Mobile Legends. Especially on October 28, 2020, there are a series of old Starlight skins that you can buy at the Rare Skin Fragment Shop in Mobile Legends.

There are quite a number of ways to get various skins for free in the Mobile Legends game, one of the ways you can do is to buy them at the Rare Skin Fragment Shop in Mobile Legends. On the shop menu, you can get old starlight skins for free by exchanging Rare Fragments in the Mobile Legends game.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the latest update for the Rare Skin Fragment Shop in the Mobile Legends game, now for those of you who are eyeing Starlight skins for free, here are some skins that you can get.

Update Rare Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends

We already know that every month Moonton always presents the latest skin updates at the Rare Skin Fragment Shop, while on October 28, 2020 until the next few months, old starlight skins that you can get are as follows.

Skin Not Available

  1. Freya – Dragon Hunter
  2. Akai – Akazonae Samurai
  3. Angela – Shanghai Maiden
  4. Cyclops – Deep Sea Rescuer
  5. Claude – Plunderous Pirate
  6. Angela – Dove & Love

Available Skins

  1. Kaja – Kaminari
  2. Clint – Rock and Roll
  3. Argus – Dark Draconic
  4. Alucard – Viscount
  5. Irithel – Nightarrow
  6. Diggie – Pigeoneer

Quite a few skins are now being updated, as for some skins that were previously present and now cannot be exchanged for Rare Fragments including Freya – Dragon Hunter, Akai – Akazonae Samurai, Angela – Shanghai Maiden, Cyclops – Deep Sea Rescuer, Claude – Plunderous Pirate skin , and Angela – Dove & Love. All of these skins might be coming in the next update. Because Moonton provides updates about every few months by presenting all starlight skins randomly.

As for the rows of skins that you can exchange using rare fragments including old Starlight skins which are pretty cool, these skins include Kaja – Kaminari, Clint – Rock and Roll, Argus – Dark Draconic, Alucard – Viscount, Irithel – Nightarrow, and Diggie – Pigeoneer. You can exchange the skin rows for as many as 150 * rare fragments.

As additional information, for those of you who are confused about getting rare fragments in the Mobile Legends game, which you can exchange for the skins above, including by following various events presented by Moonton, you can also get it through Starlight Pass, Lucky Spin, Magic Wheel and various the other way.

Now that’s all for the latest update on the special Rare Fragment Shop on October 28, 2020 in the Mobile Legends game, hopefully the above reviews can be useful for those of you who want Starlight skins for free! Stay Tune!

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