Two Mistakes Ambushing Enemies at the PUBG Mobile House

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that is complex and full of strategies to get a chicken dinner in a match. One of the strategies used when playing in squad mode is to camp at home. For those of you who want to ambush the enemy team who are camping, this time we will tell you two mistakes in ambushing enemies who are at home.

Playing a battle royale game requires a mature strategy and good mastery of weapons and techniques. That is because to find weapons and which location to go to requires extensive knowledge both on the map and for reading the minimap. Including how to defend yourself until the late game.

In PUBG Mobile, there is a squad mode consisting of four players for one squad. One strategy that is commonly used and is indeed effective is to camp in a building such as a house. Of course this will secure the team’s position until the late game, especially if the house provides an abundance of loot items.

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With such conditions, the opposing team will be jealous of the position of the team that is currently camped at the house. Finally, there was an ambush and a small war in the house. For those of you who like to ambush enemy teams, you should avoid the following two mistakes that are often made so that your ambush is successful.

Two Mistakes Ambush Enemies at Home


1. Enter through the window

The first mistake was entering through a window, which was usually done with the intention of surprising the opposing team who was inside the house. Maybe this method looks cool and effective, but in fact this method is actually risky for your health and your own team.

Because your position is outside and trying to enter from the window with the intention of shocking. But what happened was just the opposite. The enemy team who are in the house are the ones that startle you. They are inside and ready by looking at the window. When an enemy jumps, they automatically have a great chance to shoot the enemy.

The silly thing is, you can’t shoot while jumping over the window. Finally you can’t return their fire when they start shooting at you who are jumping through the window first.

We recommend that you use a weapon to peek at your enemy’s position in the house. Enough to check. Next, you can ambush the enemies who are in the house through the door along with your teammates.

2. Sign In But Not Paying Attention To The Neighborhood

The second mistake is when you / and your team have successfully entered, but you don’t pay attention to your surroundings because you focus on finding enemies. The irony could be that one of your enemies is on the edge of the house next to the door. Or when you want to climb the ladder without looking up, it is very possible that your enemy is on top of you and has a chance to shoot you from above.

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Those are two mistakes that are often made when ambushing enemies who are in the house. Avoid these two mistakes and play in more detail by paying attention to all corners of the house. Thank you!

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