TSJ Kengzo Subject to Sanctions, Issued by Team Secret Jin

Team Secret Jin has been playing optimally lately and even took Rex from Team Secret Malaysia. But there is something that is unfortunate because TSJ Kengzo was sanctioned and expelled from TSJ.

It is not clear why he was expelled because TSJ himself did not give reasons. This is still a question of many players and fans of Team Secret itself. Surely TSJ will have trouble later.

Losing Kengzo from the team will have a big impact considering that he is the IGL of the team. This forces TSJ to look for one more member if they want to play in the PUBG Mobile competition.

Kengzo is currently banned from being able to participate in the PUBG Mobile tournament and must also be removed from TSJ. The reason is still not clear why because TSJ only says what is necessary.

TSJ Kengzo Under Sanctions

From TSJ’s official account on Instagram, it can be seen that they have said goodbye to Kengzo. But it seems that there is nothing that is considered excessive or that might tarnish the team name.

The information provided from TSJ is scanty. Kengzo is considered to have violated the rules of PUBG Mobile. In violation of the league rules, starting from March 1, Kengzo will be banned from playing in the official PUBG Mobile tournament.

The current PMPL Thailand could make it difficult for Team Secret Jin. Because the competition in Thailand is quite hard and having to lose their IGL will certainly be a tough blow for TSJ this time.

Not clear the rules or policies what Kengzo broke. The possibility exists contract breach which could damage Kengzo’s contract with Team Secret Jin as well as PMPL TH.

TSJ Kengzo was sanctioned and until he was released by TSJ it became a lesson for other players. Pay attention to the rules and don’t break the existing contract so you don’t have the same experience.

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