True AoV Hero Guide, Harass, Burst, and Deadly Mage Finisher

Tulen is a mage who has very high snowballing potential if his early game milk is very dominant. Having a very painful harass skill, Tulen also has very high mobility and is able to move continuously making it difficult to catch.

His real damage burst is very high thanks to his S1 and his passive mil, making him a deadly mage at close range. True ulti also has high potential too, very useful for finishing off opponents who are dying, once locked the ulti of a dying enemy is almost certain to die if not blocked by his friends.

True AoV Hero Guide



  • High mobility
  • Strong finisher
  • High output damage


  • Susceptible to CC
  • Ulti can be blocked by other opponent heroes


Tulen is a mage who can play in the mid lane and jungle. Having an S1 that is very effective in clearing lanes, Tulen can do farming and rotation easily. Tulen can kill enemies too with his S1 while collecting the stack for his passive. When Tulen’s passivity is full, he can use S2 to approach slightly dying opponents and let passive and S1 kill them. His ulti can also be used to kill dying enemies.

Tulen also has to frequently rotate and help other teams when ganking. Having high damage also really helps him to kill enemy heroes on the lane. High bursts from S1, S2 and his passive make Tulen often have to be close to the opponent’s hero so that his burst potential is even higher.


In 1v1 Tulen must play aggressively with his harass tool in S1. Spam continues to S1 until the opponent’s HP is a bit low, and when the passive is full enter with S2 and use S1 again. True combo damage is very high and deadly, even enemy squishy heroes are very vulnerable to this burst. Ulti is used to finish off a dying opponent.

In teamfight, Tulen has to play a little bit passively and not rush into getting inside. spam continues to S1 and harass the enemy because S1 has a fairly large cone area. If the enemy starts dying, let the ally tanks in and really just follow by using his combo. If you doubt that Tulen’s ulti won’t hit the target and is blocked by enemy tanks, Tulen can use S2 or flicker when casting time to a better position so that his ultimate hits the target.


This is a genuine build that makes it play more aggressively with a very high burst damage. Phoenix Tear can be replaced with other items in the mid or late game such as The Aegis, Berith Agony, or the Holy of Holies. Tulen also has a semi tank build by utilizing The Aegis, Orb of Magis, and Soaring Aura but this build is less effective.


Tulen needs an arcana mage that can help him kill like Violate, Hex, Devour. Provides fairly high magic damage, Tulen will also get a lifesteal to make it more durable in teamfight or 1v1.

That’s the true AoV Hero Guide, Harass, Burst, and the Deadly Mage Finisher that you can do. Use the latest and best build of this Arena of Valor Tulen hero so that you can become the best player in 2020.


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