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This time Moonton is giving away special skins for free at the Lucky Spin event in Mobile Legends, after before us only the presence of normal heroes and skins, this time you can get a Special skin with the following Lucky Spin Tips for free, Franco’s Special skin, Mobile Legends. Esportsku this time will provide information about tips for doing gacha at the Lucky Spin skin Special Franco free Mobile Legends event. Now for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers, you should have to get gacha to get this one.

It looks like you guys have to really spend the tickets you have at the Lucky Spin Event that took place. The reason is, no half-hearted, you can get special skins at a price of 749 diamonds.

Even so, this skin is the skin that has been the longest in Mobile Legends. But if it’s free, anyone wants it right? Moreover, Franco Masterchef’s special skin will get his latest revamp in Mobile Legends.

This time, Lucky Spin has an unusual special skin. You must get it using the following method.

Draw Routinely

First, you can draw regularly every day. If you have around 1000 tickets, draw for 5 days using 200 tickets per day. You can draw one by one or 100 at once.

This Lucky Spin event is RNG so to win this skin you have to be patient so you can get it quite easily. But certainly, this lucky spin event is mandatory for you to get Franco’s skin.

Draw Many Tickets at Once

You can also draw with multiple tickets at once, this applies to those of you who previously had many tickets in Mobile Legends. You can draw tickets directly at the Lucky Spin event.

Use as many tickets as possible in this period because you will get a special skin. Usually, with more than 1000 tickets, you can get a skin prize from Lucky Spin.

Follow the Tips from Youtuber

Every reset on Lucky Spin, the YouTubers of the Mobile Legends game usually present a lot of tips for drawing at this one event. Now you can follow the tips directed by the YouTuber and try to use them.

Actually, the tips given are usually quite the same, namely by making a draw with a few tricks as above. But what determines is your luck in getting it.

That’s it for this review regarding tips and tricks to get prizes in the Lucky Spin skin Special Franco free Mobile Legends event. Hopefully, the presence of the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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