Treasure Map Location Day 3 Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF 2020

Garena is currently holding a maintenance free fire today, where players cannot open the free fire game. Of course, what the players did was wait until today’s maintenance free fire was over. Well, because free fire is still holding a treasure hunting event for elite pass 25 and now it has entered its 3rd day. We will discuss the location of this Free Fire Day 3 Treasure map so that you can get the Elite Pass 25 bundle at Bermuda FF 2020.

Garena free fire every day always provides clues to find treasures that are already on the Bermuda Free Fire map. Now, this time it has entered its 3rd day, Garena did not forget to give a clue to get the free fire treasure map.

The clue that is given by Garena Free Fire is usually a piece of incomplete map and the players also have to guess where the location is. You only need to analyze a piece of the map in order to get the exact location of the 3rd day of the free fire treasure map.

Clue Treasure Map Today Free Fire

Garena Fre Efire today provides a piece of map from the Bermuda Free Fire map that shows the location of the treasure on this 3rd day. You can see on the map there is an iron bridge that stands firmly between the rivers that flow downward.

So we concluded that the location of the 3rd day treasure map this time around the river and also close to the bridge. The location is also close to existing houses. There are houses that are L-shaped and there are also ordinary houses that are square and rectangular. Well, the location of today’s treasure map is below the houses.

After we searched the Bermuda Free Fire map, we found a place that matched the clue provided by Garena Free Fire today. So, pay attention to the map analysis that we present for you to get this 3rd day of free fire treasure map.

The exact location of the latest Free Fire 3rd day treasure map

We did several searches on this Bermuda Free Fire map. This is because there are three images that appear as titles on this map. You can see the picture above like a bridge in a shipyard free fire. In addition, near the equator, there is also a dam that is seen as a bridge from above the free fire map.

However, we are aware of it because the pattern of the bridge provided by Garena free fire is different from the two bridges. We find a bridge that is similar to a bridge in the clue with multiple cavities of the bridge in the clue.

The bridge looks the same and also the forms of free fire houses are exactly the same as clue free fire. Tthese four are in plantation free fire close to the riverside and miles in bermuda free fire

If you get off at the shipyard, all you have to do is go down and find a big road. You can’t go east because it’s a different bridge from the clue. You have to go down and head south to find a big road and follow it to plantation free fire

In addition, if you go down to the riverside and mill, all you need to do is go to the big river and cross it by crossing a bridge or by swimming to get to this plantation.

You have to be careful because you will meet many enemies when you arrive at this place. Make sure you find it before the enemy takes it and try to get your enemy’s cooperation to get this elite pass free fire bundle

So, that’s the Location of the Day 3 Free Fire Treasure Map. You can get this season 25 elite pass bundle after today’s ongoing free fire maintenance. So wait for you to finish and find today’s treasure

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