Treasure Map Location Day 2 Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF

This time, Garena is giving a free fire event in the form of treasure hunting to get the latest bundles. You can get a free bundle about this elite pass season 25 with the theme of the human fox. This event changes every day and you will also find the locations of treasures given by Garena’s clue. Well, this time there is a treasure map location for day 2 of the Free Fire Elite Pass Fabled Fox 25 Bermuda FF that you should know.

Garena gives clues every day when the day has changed, namely after 12 o’clock at night. Yesterday we discussed the treasure map for day 1 free fire and found its location. This time, Garena did a reset and also told him where the players could find the newest fabled fox free fire. You only need to find and adjust the place to what Garena Free Fire provides. We ourselves already have the clue given by Garena for the exact location of the second day of the free fire treasure map.


Treasure Map Location Day 2 Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF

In the clue given by Garena on day 2, you can see offshore on the map. Apart from that, you can also see a house with the letter L near the offshore. In other words, players can get a free fire treasure map close to a beach that is in the free fire map

Because the beach waves are protruding to the left of the map, you can find the beach to the left of the free fire map. If you look at the entire Bermuda map, the beaches have several waves that can be used as clues for their position.

After we analyzed the clue that was given Garena free fire, we found a suitable location for the second day of the free fire treasure map. The location is near the shipyard, bullseye and graveyards. This is most likely due to the similar location and some of the exact same clues.

Location of Free Fire Day 2 Treasure Map

Treasure Map Location Day 2 Free Fire Elite Pass 25 Bermuda FF

We found a location that is exactly the same as what is in the clue on today’s treasure map, June 2, 2020. You can see a house that looks very similar to what is in clue garena free fire. The house is L-shaped and there are no other houses around it other than a winding road.

In addition, you can see a wave from the beach that is similar to clue free fire. The waves are on the left and this position is on the left as well. This makes our analysis even stronger if today’s free fire treasure map is here.

The exact location of FF’s treasure

The location is near the bullseye, shipyard and graveyard. However, we recommend that you get off near the graveyard instead. This is because if you go down the bullseye you will most likely meet your freee fire enemies and instead there will be a battle, not a treasure hunt.

Well, if you even get off at the shipyard, well it might take longer than when you get off at the bullseye. But these two places only need to find a big road and you have to follow that road until you meet at Graveyard Free Fire.

By following this road, you will quickly get to the graveyard without having to pass through several trees in free fire. We suggest doing this street tracking by car to avoid unnecessary warfare during the trip.

Be careful of enemies during the trip and when you arrive at the second day of the free fire treasure map. This is because many enemies want to get the free fire free elite pass season 25 bundle. Make sure you invite your enemies to be peaceful first so you can freely get the treasure of this latest elite pass.

So, that’s the Location of the Day 2 Free Fire Elite Pass Fabled Fox 25 FF Treasure Map that you can get this time. All free fire bundles will be given free for a period of only one day. Players should always be able to obtain these bundles by chasing treasure maps every day.

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