Top Mobile Legends Player of Every Role According to RRQ Vyn!

Quite a few pro players who are great at mastering role heroes in the Mobile Legends game. Here are some of the Top Mobile Legends Player ranks that, according to Vyn, are reliable in their fields.

The role of heroes in the Mobile Legends game is generally divided into six roles, starting from Fighter, Tank, Support, Mage, Assassin and Marksman. But as the match progressed, many Mobile Legends players added specialist types from these roles, such as Midlaner, Offlaner, Safelaner, Carry and Hyper Carry which might still be included in the meta role as well.

Recently, RRQ Vyn, who is the captain of Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), mentioned the Top Mobile Legends Player line which is the best in playing every role in Mobile Legends.

RRQ Vyn is a player who succeeded in bringing the RRQ team to become the champion in the Mobile Legends Professional League in Season 5 and became the Most Valueable Player (MPV). Not only that, Team RRQ also managed to become the main champion in the MPL Invitational thanks to him.

RRQ Vyn is a very reliable player in playing both offensively and defensively in the RRQ team. He has the ability to be very fast in timing and reading the situation in the match.

But not only Vyn. Many pro players in the Mobile Legends game are equally great. So, here are some of the ML Top Players that he thinks are great in mastering role heroes in the Mobile Legends game according to RRQ Vyn.

This question asked RRQ Vyn in which one of the Empetalk programs, RRQ Vyn also gave several names of the top Mobile Legends players who were very happy in playing, each of which was still a role in the Mobile Legends game.


The first role is the Offlaner, where the player will be in charge of guarding the top lane while pushing or defending the lane. Offlaners are also not uncommon for farming and will be very fast to level up.

So according to RRQ Xyn, some of the top Mobile Legends players who are very strong as offlaners include Rekt (EVOS Esports), Antimage (Onic Esports), Yam (Alter Ego)

Hyper Carry

Critical Attack Mobile Legends

Next is Hyper Carry which is a very popular meta in Mobile Legends. Meta one is often played at prestigious events such as MPL and MDL in Mobile Legends.

So according to RRQ Vyn, some of the ML’s Top Players who are very strong as hyper carry include Watt (Genflix Aerowolf), Branz (Bigetron Alpa), Sanz (Onic Esports), CW (Onic Esports).


Top Mobile Legends Player

Of course, you already understand the meaning of the Tank role itself. Tank is a role that is capable of defensive and offensive in matches. This role is an important requirement that must be present in every Mobile Legends match.

So according to RRQ Vyn, several ML Top Players for Tank roles include Rasy and Physchoo from Onic Esports, and DreamS from Bigetron Alpha.


Top Mobile Legends Player

Next, there is a Support role which is the most played role to follow up on Tank users in Mobile Legends.

According to RRQ Vyn, ML’s top players who are very strong as support include Renbo from Bigetron Alpha, Drian from Onic Esports and Udil from Alter Ego.


The line of players mentioned by RRQ Vyn does not need to be questioned about their prowess in playing Mobile Legends. They are the best players in the Indonesian esports scene. Now in the list of players above, which one is your favorite?

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