Tips When Becoming an Imposter Among Us

The Among Us game is currently popular and widely played. This game is indeed very unique with cute graphics and interesting gameplay. You have to use strategy in playing. You have to be able to convince other players to side with you, that way you can win the game easily. Even so, you will not get anything when you win this game. Here we will discuss the Among Us game.

Among Us is a game on Android that is similar to the game Werewolf. You can be a Crewmate who has to do the tasks given to survive, or you can become an Impostor pretending to be a Crewmate and killing them one by one. This game is full of betrayal between one another, in looking for Impostors in the game. You have to be able to find impostors in disguise if you become a Crewmate. Although usually, you can be accused of being one of the importers.

If you become an impostor, you must be able to hide and influence other crewmates. You can do various things as an impostor. You can kill crew mates, turn off lights, close doors and more. However, if you are caught doing something bad, you can be killed by another crewmate. Therefore, you must be able to make other people believe in you.

Here we will provide tips when becoming an imposter among us. There is a lot you can do in becoming an Imposter. You have to be smart in tricking your crew mates and playing passively.

Tips When Becoming an Imposter Among Us


Even if you are the impostor who killed the crewmate, you can also report the corpse. This is called Self report. Most would think that the person who reported it was not the one who killed him. However, you have to be careful. If you see a group of crew mates together, and you kill and then deport the corpse, you could be accused of being alone.


Pretend to be working on a task. you don’t actually have a task and don’t need to help a crewmate. However, to clear your name, you must pretend to be doing your job. That way, you look like innocent people.


Some maps have cameras. You have to be careful, if the camera is on. don’t go into the vent or commit murder, because you will be seen. If you can, you kill the person in the camera room. That way, you can kill safely.


To make you look like innocent people, you can go to groups of 2 or 3 people. When your friends commit murder, they’ll think you’re innocent for always being in their group.

Those are the Tips for Becoming an Imposter Among Us, that you can try. There are still many ways you can become an impostor. You can turn off the lights or something, so you can kill without being seen and so on.

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