Tips for Using Vehicles on the Miramar PUBG Mobile Map

Vehicles are important when you play PUBG Mobile, because they are not only for escorting you into the zone, but are also useful as a place of refuge or a medium to escape from enemies.

The driving tips on each PUBG Mobile map are different, then how about driving tips on the Miramar PUBG Mobile map? Listen to the explanation!

Tips for Using Vehicles on the Miramar PUBG Mobile Map

1. Minibuses Should Be Avoided


The minibus is indeed the strongest vehicle in Miramar, besides that the number of seats provided can accommodate 6 passengers. For those of you who want to do teamming with the enemy, then you can use this vehicle.

Although we don’t recommend that, we also don’t recommend that you use the Minibus during rotation. Its small strength and heavy mobility will make it difficult for you to hit the road terrain on the Miramar map.

Miramar is a map with irregular land contours, many basins in it so it is difficult for the Minibus to take on these challenges, even to climb sometimes it is not possible to do so.

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2. Use Buggy If You Are Alone


Buggy is the most agile vehicle because of its mobility which is very easy to control. Although it has a disadvantage, namely less secure protection, it is covered by its great strength.

Buggy is able to climb high hills or cliffs at a decent speed, so this vehicle is suitable for you to use when you want to rotate yourself on the Miramar map.

3. Pay attention to the terrain when driving the Mirado


Mirado is the only high speed car on the Miramar map, but it has ground clearance so low that players often get stuck in the basement of Miramar’s land.

When using Mirado, it would be better if you pay attention to the road more carefully. Choose a road with flat contours and not too many curves, so that this fast car can drive as your rotating vehicle safely without getting stuck.

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4. Pick Up To Be The Most Efficient Vehicle


The Pick Up is a vehicle similar to the UAZ Erangel. Although not as strong as the Minibus, the power generated is enough to make it able to pass through road obstacles in Miramar.

Not only power, the mobility of this vehicle is also easy to control. So you don’t have to worry about going through the wavy contours of Miramar’s land when using Pick Up.

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5. Never Leave Gasoline!


Gasoline may be a thing or equipment that is often considered trivial, even though gasoline itself is very important for the vehicle you carry.

When going through a bumpy road, it will be difficult to find another vehicle if you run out of gas. Surely you don’t want this to happen, which is running out of gas in the middle of the difficult Miramar hills.

Therefore, don’t forget to keep your gasoline with you when playing classic on the Miramar map!

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you to better understand how the tips for vehicles on the Miramar PUBG Mobile map. Thank you for listening!


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