Tips for Using Beryl M762 on PUBG Mobile

Chicken Dinner is one of the goals for everyone who plays PUBG. You also need to know tips and tricks in playing this PUBG game like a pro player, from looting to surviving in the battle arena. There is a Beryl m762 weapon that you can try. How are tips on using Beryl M762 on PUBG Mobile.?

In the matter of looting, you can’t just loot, you need to know which weapon has the greatest and strongest damage in this PUBG game. PUBG has a lot of weapons available, starting from the closest range, such as pistols and shotguns, to long distances or snipers.

You will use these weapons to fight with other players in order to get absolute victory. Weapons in this game are very diverse, from long range, medium range and also special weapons for even very close ranges. This time, we will discuss one of the weapons in the PUBG Mobile game this time, what weapon is it?

This weapon is the Beryl M762.

This weapon is included in the Assault Rifle type, the type for all of these weapons is very popular among PUBG Mobile players, because in addition to varying shooting ranges, the resulting damage is also very large, including the Beryl M762 weapon.

This time, we will give you some tips that can be used when using this weapon while playing, what are the Tips and Tricks for this Beryl M762 weapon? Listen carefully.

Tips for using Beryl M762 on PUBG Mobile.

  1. Beryl’s weapon recoil is quite high and is only suitable for close range.

The recoil possessed by this weapon can be said to be very large, even this weapon is one of the weapons that has a large recoil equivalent to the AK47.

If you don’t have deeper experience when using this weapon, then you yourself will be overwhelmed using the Beryl M762 weapon, because every bullet you shoot will go far because of the wild recoil.

Therefore, if you want to learn to control this weapon’s Recoil, start learning in Training Mode so that you can more smoothly handle this weapon’s Recoil.

In addition, this weapon is only very suitable for close range, if you try to fight an enemy at a distance that is far or medium enough, don’t be annoyed yourself because the possibility of the bullet will always miss.

  1. Use the right attachments.

Even though this weapon is quite deadly, attach a few attachments to make this weapon even more dangerous later. One of the great attachments for this weapon is the Compensator. This attachment is very useful because it can reduce the recoil that Beryl M762 has.

And for Grip, use the Foregrip Vertical Attachment to further reduce recoil and make each shot from this weapon more balanced later.

  1. The perfect time to use the Beryl M762.

Tips for using Beryl M762 on PUBG Mobile

For the time to use this weapon, the appropriate time is at the beginning of the game and at the end of the game.

At the beginning of the game, you can finish off the enemy quickly using this weapon, because the enemy does not have good weapons and equipment. Therefore, they can be very easy targets.

At the end of the game, the Zone will be very small and you will be forced to face the enemy from a very short distance. Remember, this weapon is much more deadly when used at close range.

Those are the tips for using Beryl M762 at PUBG Mobile that you can apply to get a chicken dinner

Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner, don’t forget to win.

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