Tips for PUBG Mobile Medical Equipment Properly and Correctly

Playing PUBG Mobile as you know, definitely requires a lot of strategies to win it. Not only understanding how to control weapons or breaking down enemy defenses, but to use medical equipment also requires a good strategy as well. This time there are Tips for PUBG Mobile Medical Equipment Properly and Properly that you should know.

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Many of you may still not understand how to effectively use medical equipment, and are still confused about how to use medical equipment that is adapted to certain conditions.

In this opportunity, we will discuss how to use medical equipment on PUBG Mobile properly and correctly. Come on, listen to the explanation below!

Tips for Medical Equipment on PUBG Mobile properly and correctly

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Bandage is equipment that doesn’t take long to use, which is only 4 seconds. Even though it only provides a 10% increase in blood, its fast usage time is what makes it so important at a critical time.

If you are at war and bleeding out, are outside the sick zone, and have just been revived by your friends outside the zone, then use Bandage.

Its fast use can fill your blood quickly and slowly. When you are outside the sick zone, don’t use medical equipment with a long usage time because it will only make it difficult for you.

First Aid Kit

When you have finished fighting or have successfully entered the safe zone, you can use the First Aid Kit to replenish your reduced blood. The First Aid Kit can increase your blood by as much as 70% with a usage time of approximately 6 seconds.

Do not use the First Aid Kit in the middle of war, especially close combat. Long usage time can give the enemy a gap to approach and shoot at you.

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Med Kit

This medical equipment has the longest usage time because it is able to fill blood up to 100%. Med Kit takes approximately 8 seconds.

If your blood is reduced and you don’t have an energy drink or painkiller to fill 25% of your blood, you can use the Med Kit because once used it can provide 100% blood.

Don’t forget to make sure that you are in a safe condition from the presence of the enemy, because 8 seconds is not a fast time and is a lot of time for the enemy to detect your defensive position.

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Enery Drink and Painkiller

Energy Drink provides energy boost by 40% and time to use for 4 seconds. In order for your character to run fast, you need 2 cans of energy drink to activate the sprint mode.

While Painkiller only requires one use to activate the fast running mode, Pain Killer takes 6 seconds even though the energy boost is given by 60%.

If you have just refilled your blood or are in the mood to fight with the enemy, consuming Energy Drink or Painkiller will give you a blood supply that doesn’t need to be replenished when you are at war, so it will be very easy.

Adrenaline Syringe

Use Adrenaline Syringe for 100% boost charging with 6 seconds of usage time. If you are sure that you are facing an intense war or are on your way to a safe zone that is quite far away, don’t forget to use this equipment to speed up your run and help replenish the reduced blood slowly.

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From the explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand how to use medical equipment on PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!

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