Tips for playing Draven Wild Rift, similar to Bruno in Mobile Legends?

Tips for playing Draven Wild Rift. Maybe for many moba players who want to try or move other games will find some similarities. This kind of thing is thought to help them to adapt. Of course with some similar mechanics, can help them even better.

Draven is an ADC champion who often occupies a duo lane. But there are some people who play it at the top or mid. Draven’s greatness is that he is perhaps the single strongest all-in ADC at the moment. For Mobile Legends players, they will think of themselves as Bruno. This is not wrong either.

A very similar mechanism for these two heroes / champions is rebound. Draven can throw his weapon and it will bounce, later if he takes it, the buff will continue to run until it falls and fails to be caught. If Bruno is going to focus on crit then Draven has a very high damage buff.

Here, let’s discuss tips for playing Draven Wild Rift. Draven is one of the best ADCs currently in the Wild Rift and LoL. He is very dominating with high damage and terrible poke. 1v1 against it is a nightmare if the player is good and skilled in micro skills.

Always Maintain Skill 1

This is one very important point for Draven to pay attention to. He is very strong thanks to two things, namely passive and skill 1. The two of them are very synergized to get the Adoration stack. As well as Draven’s 1st skill which can provide very high damage buffs, Adoration can also give bonus gold buffs for each kill champion!

Understand Timing Skill 2, Don’t Overuse

Draven’s 2nd skill is as important as his 1st skill. Draven can find ASPD and MVSPD very useful. Even this buff can be permanent during teamfight! But the problem is one, if you don’t pay attention uptime then where will you leak because you continually activate this skill.

The ASPD Build Is Very Strong, But Skill 1 Is Getting More Difficult

Remember if you have to overcome 1 Draven skill perfectly and don’t miss it? This also has an effect if he uses an ASPD build. Draven will indeed have a very high damage output, but in the hands of beginners this will be difficult. You will have difficulty managing attacks, micro skills, and also positioning to adjust skill uptime.

Practice Your Micro Skills And Multitasking

Draven is not an easy-to-play ADC, but it is extremely deadly when played properly. There are so many things you have to pay attention to when playing Draven. First is skill 1 and uptime, position to pick up weapons, uptime skill 2, use skill 3 for CC, and ulti which can be used for finisher or opener.

Don’t Waste Too Much Mana

Draven with a lot of skills that must be micro-used as well as his perfect uptime is not easy. One more thing you have to pay attention to is which. Indeed, in the late game, maybe you won’t be bothered thinking about this, but in the early laning phase and mid game, where is he very wasteful. Look at this carefully.

Understand these tips for playing Draven Wild Rift so that you can become a better player. Draven is an ADC that you must learn. All your tips and experiences playing Draven can be implemented in other champions!

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