Tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile October!

You can play the Call of Duty: Mobile Garena game and can be downloaded for free on the playstore now. After going through its Beta period on September 26, Garena finally announced that this Call of Duty: Mobile game was officially opened on October 1, 2019 yesterday. You have to know the tips for playing Call Of Duty Mobile October so you don’t get slaughtered by your opponents.

Even though this game is still very new, the number of players playing this game has reached a considerable level. More than 1 million people have downloaded Call of Duty Mobile. With very interesting features, pretty good maps, this is what makes the Call of Duty Mobile game worth playing for a long time.

Call Of Duty Mobile Tips

Call Of Duty Mobile Tips

However, there must also be some players who experience all kinds of difficulties the first time they play a game like this, this time, we will provide some Call Of Duty Mobile Tips for beginners so that they can survive and become more reliable. You can also increase your skills in playing this Call of Duty Mobile game. What are those things? Here it is, see the explanation of this article carefully.

Tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile October!

  1. Always on the move.

In Call Of Duty Mobile tips, you will be more required to play by moving a lot. For that, make sure you can always move while playing this game. If you just stay in a place for a long enough time, the enemy will easily find out where you are.

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With the many movements you make, you can also search for enemies continuously. By moving a lot too, you can finish off troublesome enemies like the Sniper. Those are the first Call Of Duty Mobile tips

  1. Upgrade all weapons, especially Favorite weapons.

If you upgrade the weapons you use often, these weapons will get better and stronger. By upgrading this weapon too, you will get an item that supports the weapon, like Scope.

  1. Master the Map.

The third thing Call Of Duty Mobile Tips is quite important. This is because if you master every map in the Call of Duty Mobile game. Then there will be no mistake that you can win quite easily later.

Why You Should Play Call Of Duty Mobile

By mastering all the maps in this game. Then you can also find out where the enemy is located. You can also find out where there are hiding spots too.

  1. Find a pretty good spot.

If you play as a sniper, the tips for Call Of Duty Mobile are to find a pretty good and supportive spot for the weapon you are using. If you play as a sniper, the best spot is in an area that is high enough. Those are Call Of Duty Mobile’s tips for finding your enemies

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If you find a spot that is so comfortable with how you play, then you won’t get a loss at that spot either. However, if the spot you are occupying is already known by many enemies. Better to quickly move from the place and look for the latest Spot to be safe from enemy attacks that are targeting you

So, those are some tips for playing Call Of Duty Mobile October that you need to know. Whether it’s players who are completely new or players who have been playing since the beginning of the release until now. May be useful!

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