Tips for getting free UC from the King of Ancient PUBG Mobile event

The big PUBG Mobile event with the theme of Ancient Egyptian civilization is still ongoing today by providing challenges and offering various and attractive prizes. This time there is a PUBG Mobile community event that will give you a prize in the form of UC. Here we will provide information about the King of Ancients event.

The Call of the Pharaoh and Ancient Secret Mode events were very lively. Following Ancient Secret Mode gives you the best loot item equipment. Besides that, you can get other interesting prizes such as cosmetics by following the missions given at this event with the theme of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

At the end of this event period, there is an additional event with challenges and rewards that are no less interesting. The event is the King of Ancients which is a PUBG Mobile community event.

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King of Ancients event

This PUBG Mobile community event is arguably an event to enliven the game. The challenge is also a challenge for fun, not a game mode and so on like other events in general. The King of Ancients event will take place on August 19-24, 2020.

At the King of Ancients event, PUBG Mobile players have the opportunity to get free UC by displaying their unique game at PUBG Mobile matches.

Here’s how to participate in the King of Ancients event to get PUBG Mobile Free UC.

  1. Record your game as interesting as possible while in the floating building (Ancient Secret Mode). Interesting category here has a fairly broad meaning. Can it display an epic game or a funny one.
  2. Upload your best recordings to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  3. Post with the hashtag #PUBGMKing to notify PUBG Mobile if you are participating in this event.
  4. You can send more than one post to increase your chances of winning even if only one post will be selected.

There are also prizes in the form of free UC that are given to winners at this event, which are as follows.

  • 1st Place: $ 100 in UC
  • Runner Up: $ 75 in UC
  • Third-Fifth Prize: $ 25 in UC

The assessment of video recordings that followed the King of Ancients event was carried out by the PUBG Mobile community team based on the uniqueness of the content and its suitability with this event with the theme of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

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That’s info about the PUBG Mobile King of Ancients community event. For those of you who like to post your PUBG Mobile game, this free UC prize event is perfect for you. Make the video as interesting and creative as possible so that it can win over the hearts of the judges!

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