Tips for Freeze Lane Strategy in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that you can play, in the game there are various best strategies that can make you easily win matches, one of which is Freeze Lane, here are tips for doing the Freeze Lane strategy in Mobile Legends.

Freeze Lane is a strategy or trick to accumulate minions at a point, until the minions collect and become large. Your task is to keep your opponent away from the minion’s collection point, so that your opponent doesn’t get exp and gold from the minion.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about some tips for implementing the Freeze Lane strategy in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are offlaners, it’s best to see the full review below.

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Freeze Lane Strategy Tips in Mobile Legends

We will provide several strategies that you can use in Freeze Lane, this method is very effective for making your offlaner heroes poor in resources during the match.

Don’t Attack the Minions and Wait for the Last Hit

The first tip is not to attack the minion so that the minion can fight alone with other minions so that the minion’s experience is wasted, especially for the opponent. So that the opponent does not get exp or gold from the minion.

Then for those of you, please look for the last hit to get resources while keeping your opponent away from your side. Make sure you take advantage of the existing circumstances so that you can play safely.

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Give It As Slow As Possible Naturally

Tips for Freeze Lane Strategy in Mobile Legends

Next, if possible, you can also hit the minion but naturally as slowly as possible, this will prevent your minion from reaching your opponent’s turret and not getting close to your opponent’s hero.

Make sure you give hits naturally and the meaning is only close to the minions, not by doing clear waves in general. Not only that, you should know that this method only applies to you in the early game.

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Keep Reach Opponents On Minions

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Next, keep your opponent away from the minion as far as possible, how can you push to use a tank hero so that your opponent doesn’t dare to approach the minion and approach you. Protect the minions like you protect your core hero.

If your opponent doesn’t get experience and the level is behind, then it’s easy for you to do this, because if you’re in this state, your opponent will find it difficult to even approach you, without the help of other players.

Payments for your opponent’s cellphone

Tips for Freeze Lane Strategy in Mobile Legends

You can also repay your opponent’s HP so that your opponent often recalls, this method is very optimal in the early game, but not optimal when your opponent already has lifesteal items, as much as possible installments from the start so that your opponent lacks gold even to buy lifesteal items at once.

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Keep Paying Attention To The Map So As Not To Get Ganking

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The last tip, you must pay attention to the map so that you can avoid it if one day you get a ranking from the opposing team. Try to prepare a flicker if one day this condition occurs.

So, those are some tips for doing Freeze Lane in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the review above is especially useful for those of you who are offlaners in Mobile Legends. Stay tuned for more information and see you soon!

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