Tips for Doing Solo Lord in Mobile Legends, Don’t Be Careless ML!

Playing Mobile Legends, of course, has to use a pretty good strategy. The use of a good strategy will certainly bring you victory. In addition to a good strategy, of course, you also have to have qualified skills so that your performance will be better in a gameplay. So, these are Tips for Solo Lord in Mobile Legends.

Try to play objectively because it can increase your chances of getting victory in a gameplay. By playing objectively, there are many sides that you excel at from the opposing team such as networth, gold, exp, and also a zone for farming. Also make sure to kill the turtles and take advantage of the lords to end the gameplay easily. Tips for Solo Lord Mobile Legends we will discuss here.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the solo lord Mobile Legends tips. For those of you who are curious and want to know how to get tips for killing lords solo in Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

Tips for Doing Solo Lord in Mobile Legends

To make it easier for your team to end gameplay easily, of course, one way is to use Lord. When killing the Lord, make sure not to be noticed by the opposing team because if you do, there will be a war going on with the aim of taking Lord from you.

It would be better if you ask your opponent to push and apply pressure or pressure to the opponent while you kill the lord solo. There are some tips for solo lord Mobile Legends that you should pay attention to, here are the tips.

Using Hero Jungler

In Mobile Legends, there are heroes that can be used to kill lords quickly. This hero is a typical hero who can deal damage quickly to lords, one example of his hero is Masha.

Masha can kill Lord quickly because this fighter hero is a typical hero who can do quite a lot of damage and is also quite fast. Make sure to use a jungler type hero in Mobile Legends when going to kill lords solo to make it faster and more effective.

Using Jungle Items

If you want to kill Lord quickly and effectively, make sure to use jungle items because by using jungle items there will be additional damage generated so you can kill lords easily. So make sure you use jungle items and upgrade your jungle items to at least level 2.

Using Retribution

Apart from using Jungle items, make sure you also use the Rertribution spell. Using Retribution will certainly make you feel safer with an incident that can steal your lord. Use Retribution to kill Lord when his HP bar is low. It is certain that the Lord will be yours.


Asking Friends to Zoning Enemies

If you want to do tips for Solo Lord ML, make sure to ask a friend for help to zoning the enemy. That way the enemy will be trapped in their base area and you can do solo lords easily. It is certain that there will be no interference from the enemy and you can secure the Lord easily.

Ensuring Circumstances

Before doing the Solo Lord ML Tips, make sure the conditions around the lord area are safe from enemies. Don’t do a solo lord but you don’t first check the surrounding area. Make sure that no enemies are hiding in the ambush. That way you can secure the Lord easily.

So, that is the explanation regarding the solo lord Mobile Legends tips that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read the tips above so you can do solo lords effectively and easily on Mobile Legend! Don’t forget to follow Esportsku (@ esports.ku)!

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