Tips for completing the Elemental Crucible Genshin Impact event

Elemental Crucible is an event presented by MiHoYo in the game genshin impact. At this event, you can get various prizes for free starting from primogems and also materials for enhancing your character in Genshin Impact. We have some tips for completing the Elemental Crucible Event in Genshin Impact easily.

Elemental Crucible requires you to use Resin so it is very wasteful to complete up to 20 times for the purpose of getting the main prize in the event. Because of this, some players might wait for the resin to fill up and then play Elemental Crucibles. However, there are some tips so that you can easily complete the Elemental Crucible event as follows.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide tips for completing the Elemental Crucible event in the game Genshin Impact. So for those of you who are GI gamers. Here are some tips to apply when you want the main prize from Elemental Crucibles.

To complete the Elemental Crucible Event is very easy. You only need to use the following tips so that you can finish it smoothly.

1. Play Party

To complete Elemental Crucibles is very easy. In carrying out this mission you can play with other people or friends and play in parties. Surely the more people who are playing the faster the process of making alchemy will occur. So playing with friends is one of the best ways you can do it.

2. Collect Crystals Quickly

In order for the Alchemy process to run quickly. You have to collect various crystals and then put them in the furnace. Each player must divide their respective teams, for DPS characters, attack monsters quickly while for support collect Crystals and enter the furnace. Or you can also attack monsters while collecting crystals.

3. Don’t Take Gifts

Why can’t you take gifts or possessions? The goal of completing this Elemental Crucible Event is you can get a decent number of primogems. You can use the Primo Game to do gacha, so don’t get the prize and just continue playing.

To get the treasure you need as much as 40 resin. This is not really worth it with the assets you get. The resin in Genshin Impact is very valuable, and don’t use it on Elemental Crucibles. You can chase the main prize in the event instead of getting the treasure.

4. List of prizes

You can get quite a lot of prizes, but one thing for sure, for genshin impact players, the main prize being pursued is Primogem. You can get a total of 300 Primogemes by completing the Elemental Crucible event 20 times. Not only that, you can also get some additional items for Enhance ingredients at this event.

So, those are some tips for completing the Elemental Crucible event in the game Genshin Impact. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Genshin Impact gamers. See you!

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