Tips And How To Extend The Duration Of Lucid Dreams

If you are looking for news about tips and how to extend the duration of lucid dreams, I assume you already know in the previous post that discussed what is lucid dream and how to carry out lucid dreams easily, at least your abilities have reached the pre-intermediate level or headed to the intermediate level. But depending on how hard you struggle, if you haven’t received a lucid dream, don’t be disappointed, let alone just give up; keep practicing and devote time to learning the techniques.

It’s normal for someone when dreaming to change often scene which makes us feel that the dream happened so briefly, when in fact we dream all night but all we remember is scene in the last dream before we wake up. In the case of lucid dreams, it is a little different, in my experience short lucid dreams occur when there is no control between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. What do you mean?

I will call the term similar, maybe you know what the conscious mind means but what is the unconscious mind? In my definition the unconscious mind is the mind that maintains our sleepiness. These thoughts keep us from waking up from dreams. Balancing conscious and unconscious thoughts is done when we receive a lucid dream. When that happens, if the conscious mind is in the majority, then we will wake up from the dream, but if the unconscious mind is in the majority, then we will sleep or deep sleep.

When a person is in the lucid phase, the most important role is concentration, it is difficult to maintain concentration when dreaming will only release the lucid condition into a normal dream or even wake up from sleep. Usually it happens when a novice dream explorer gets a lucid dream but can’t control the dream environment, resulting in many strange incidents and turning it into a nightmare before finally waking up from sleep.

In this post I want to develop some tips and ways so that the duration of lucid dreams can last a long time right after you fall asleep

Tips and How to Extend the Duration of Lucid Dreams

1. Recognize mistakes when practicing

The reason lucid dreams occur so briefly, one of the reasons is the feeling of excessive joy when waking up while dreaming. That overexcitement is enough to end the lucid dream before you can do much about it.

Being in a dream world is completely different, one of the reasons is that there are many unique things about being in a new environment. It takes time to get used to it.

2. Relax

When you find yourself awake in a dream world, keep control of the happy feelings you have and don’t rush to do things like fly or anything else.
keep calm and take it slow.

3. Stimulate the conscious mind

Many dream explorers suddenly return to ordinary dreams because they lost consciousness. To prevent this, you can do a patterned awareness check or reality check while in the dream world, for example by counting the number of fingers or looking at the clock.

Apart from checking awareness, another way that I do is by not looking at the surroundings when the environment changes into a different scene. Seeing changes in the environment happening brightly will only make me “crazy” and sleepy. It causes loss of consciousness. Maybe this method will work or not. It depends on each person who experiences it.

By stimulating the conscious mind, of course, it can be a basic technique so that the duration of lucid dreams can last longer.

4. Say the efficacious sentence

Whenever you feel like you’re about to lose consciousness, say the following words “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming” then do an awareness check to reaffirm that you’re dreaming.

5. Postpone the following

Many people when they enter a lucid dream state, the first thing they want to do is fly or do something intimate. In fact it will only make a loss of concentration as I have mentioned in point number 1. Excessive excitement when trying to fly or doing intimate things makes a person “slip” in deep sleep or deep dreams because it is difficult to maintain concentration in that state.

Even though I suggest not having sex or trying to fly, you might ignore it, but what you need to know is that you have to put it off before you get used to consciously being in a dream.

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