Time Sequence of Cecilion Mobile Legends ML Items, Add GG and OP 2020

As we all know about Cecilion Mobile Legends is the newest mage hero released by Moonton. This one hero is quite OP and is often included in the banned list in the Match Match taking place. Now for those of you who want to learn to build builds, especially Cecilion’s hero, here is the timeline for the build of Cecilion Mobile Legends items.

Cecilion is a Mage in Mobile Legends who has a vampire character. This hero is very OP and is actively played by many Mobile Legends players. Well when you play it. Especially when the match takes place, you can follow the following sequence of building items.

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Time Sequence of Cecilion’s Mobile Legends ML Items

This time the order of time in building items for the Mage Cecilion hero in Season 16 of Mobile Legends. For you Cecilion users. Come on, take a complete look at the row of items.

Early Game

  • Demon Shoes
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Enchanted Talisman

In the early game you really need mana, because Cecilion is quite wasteful which can hinder each of his skill attacks. To fix this, you can use Demon Shoes which can regenerate mana at any time. By using it, you don’t have to worry about running out of mana when fighting.

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Then to increase the damage, use Lightning Truncheon as your first item. This item deals great damage and can bounce off by giving magic damage to the enemy. This one item is perfect for use by Cecilion’s skills because the skills he has are an area.

Then, as a spare item, you can use Clock of Destiny which can give attributes gradually, secondly there is the Enchanted Talisman which is an alternative item if you don’t use Demon Shoes.

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Mid Game

  • Holy Crystal
  • Genius Wand
  • Winter Truncheon
  • Ice Queen Wand

In the mid game, Cecilion is obliged to increase the damage. So because of that, you can buy Holy Crystals. This item can provide great magic damage. Then there is the Genius Wand which provides a penetrating attack capable of blocking various tank heroes.

However, if you prefer defense items, you can use Winter Trunchon which has defense attributes and can keep you safe when you get enemy ganking. Another alternative is Ice Queen Wand which is an item quite similar to Endless Battle. This item has a lifesteal and magic damage suitable for Cecilion. Choose items by adjusting enemy heroes.

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Late Game

  • Necklace of Durance
  • Athena Shield
  • Immortality
  • Blood Wings

Then in the late game you can see the enemy’s condition first. First, if the enemy has a lot of physical types of horror, you can use Immortility which has physical defense and resurects Cecilion for 3 seconds.

The second option if your enemy has more than 2 mage heroes, you should use the Athena Shield which can protect you from various mage attacks.

But if you still feel safe, you can use additional Magic Damage like Neclacke Durance and Blood Wings.

So that’s the timeline for Mage Cecilion’s hero in Mobile Legends. May be useful.

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