Tigreal Revamp Mobile Legends, Stronger Deadly Stun!

Tigreal is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who is a role tank hero with his specialist ability is Crowd Controla or Initiator. Tigreal is a hero who has good durability and can be a hero on the front lines when a war occurs to withstand damage from enemies. This time there is news that the Tigreal Revamp Mobile Legends hero will make his skills even more attractive and stronger.

Tigreal’s passive skills are also very helpful in resisting damage from opponents because every time you use a skill or get hit by a basic attack from the enemy, it will bring up a stack shield and when the stack is full makes it immune.

Tigreal Revamp Mobile Legends

Tigreal is a tank hero who can adjust every match because this hero is suitable for use in all meta Mobile Legends. Tigreal has quite complete skills and can give crowd control effects to opponents. If used properly, Tigreal will be quite a hassle. But unfortunately, in the current meta season, Tigreal is rarely used by Mobile Legends players.

Because it has become a hero that is rarely used, Tigreal is finally rumored to be getting a revamp from Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends. On this occasion we will explain about Tigreal revamp Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what revamps will be given to Tigreal, let’s just look at the reviews below!

After becoming a tank hero that was rarely used, Tigreal finally made Moonton’s attention focused on this hero. Moonton made several adjustments to Tigreal’s skills by turning them into even more over power. The revamp given by Moonton certainly makes Tigreal’s hero even more useful in gameplay.

In the following, we will provide an explanation of the revamp that Moonton gave to Tigreal in Mobile Legends. Please watch carefully so that you understand about the revamp given by Moonton!

Tigreal One Skill Revamp: More Painful Area of ​​Damage

Tigreal’s attack skill on his one skill gets a revamp where his attack skill becomes more painful for his Area of ​​Damage. With the revamp given, of course Tigreal becomes even more overpowered and is likely to be able to adjust the meta in Mobile Legends easily.

Revamp Skill Two Tigreal Mobile Legends: Wider Range of Attacks

The revamp given to his second skill is to make the range of his attacks wider. When Tigreal uses his two skills he can push his enemy in the direction that is aimed at a greater distance than before being nerfed. This is certainly Tigreal’s advantage because he can kidnap the opponent’s hero with these two skills.

Tigreal’s Ultimate Skill Revamp: Draw Opponents Faster

The ultimate skill is given a revamp where when pulling the opponent the animation effect of this skill is made faster so that the opponent is attracted faster. This also makes Tigreal’s ultimate skills easier to use.


Now that’s an explanation of the Tigreal revamp Mobile Legends that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Will Tigreal become a hero over power after getting the buff later?

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