This ML hero tank sells hard on M2. Not Tigreal or Jawhead! Who?

This ML hero tank sells hard on M2. Not Tigreal or Jawhead! Who?

If you watch the M2 competition Mobile Legends In the World Championship, surely you will realize that there is a Fighter / Mage hero who is surprisingly made tank.

This hero is Silvanna. Hal this has been predicted by ONIC Rasy before because Silvanna was one of the tier 1 tanks. Players like Psychoo, Leo Murphy, even tanks from teams outside Indonesia also often pick Silvanna? How could that be?

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Regarding this, SPIN Esports will give you 5 reasons why Silvanna can become favorite tank hero at the M2 World Championship.

1. Damage without items already sick

silvanna mobile legends

Much like Jawhead, Silvanna is a hero who is quite sick with or without items in the early game, especially from skill 2. Because of this, Silvanna is very suitable to be used as a tanker who can riot in the mid lane from the first minute.

2. Instant Stun and Ultimate Combo

The second reason is that the combo that Silvanna has is very effective at killing the opponent’s core. You only combo skill 1 stun, skill 3 ultimate and skill 2 then the core of the opponent that is hit will die instantly.

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So the most important thing is to make sure skill 1 you hit the opponent’s hero so that you can easily launch skill 3.

3. Is One Of The Best Gankers

Silvanna Tank’s gameplay is quite similar to Jawhead, where you should continue to gank and give space to your sidelaner or core.

The main key is to use the Support emblem – Pull Yourself Together (respawn time and spell cooldown) is reduced by 15%, and maximizes the additional movement speed of the emblem. Then buy roaming items and use flickers so that you will roam faster.

When roaming, make sure you always target your opponent’s sidelaner, support or jungler so they will be afraid to farm or go out on the lane for fear of being picked up by Silvanna.

Silvanna Tank Emblem and Item Recommendations:

Silvanna Tank emblem
Emblem Support, Align Right
Silvanna tank build item
Default Item Build for Silvanna Tank

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4. Shutting down the opponent’s Jungler Hero Movement

Silvanna ml

Currently the core mid is mostly filled by jungler roles. So he is obliged to use spell retribution, this makes most jungler heroes unable to run from combo skill 1 (stun 1 second) and ultimate silvanna (confinement for 3.5 seconds).

When you play Silvanna, make sure that your ultimate is about the mage or jungler opponent.

5. Can Get Out and Enter Team Fight Easily

Silvanna has 3 mobility which can be used to enter or exit teamfight easily. The first is through skill 1 regarding the opponent’s hero or creep, he will get a new skill, namely dash while being hit. So you can use this dash to escape or enter teamfight.

The second is to use the ultimate to enter the war or run away if you still haven’t used it. The third is flicker, you can also enter or exit the war with this spell. So as long as you don’t use the 3 mobility skills above, you will be safe enough to get in and out of teamfight without having to die.

For those of you who want to learn how to use the right Silvanna tank, you can see the guidelines in this video:

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Those are 5 reasons why Silvanna is the favorite tanker hero in the M2 World Championship MLBB! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other recent updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.

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